Hundreds of Nyackers Petition Orangetown Police

Merchants, residents sign local petition to keep full police presence downtown; hundreds more signatures expected

In order to cut back on pricey overtime costs, the is , who regularly patrols downtown Nyack—but some 200 merchants and residents won't have it.

A petition that calls on Orangetown Police not to cut O'Donnell's time spent in Nyack . The petition was created by Patti Aagard, owner of on Main Street.

"We've already had over 200 people sign," Aargard said Tuesday afternoon. Merchants, residents and visitors alike have added their names, Aagard continued, and she expects to see hundreds more.

"People have been very supportive," she added. I have faith a huge number will sign. It's just a matter of grabbing people—no one will turn it down."

The petition—located in the photo gallery to the right of this story—can be dropped off at Reality Bites or . Mary White, Nyack's Village Clerk, said more signatures are added daily.

"They're being dropped off everyday," she explained. In the coming weeks, the petition will be presented to the police department. Richard Kavesh, Nyack's mayor, is one of the signatories; Nyack currently pays Orangetown $2.1 million each year for police coverage.

Police overtime costs became overwhelming after a in August left seven officers injured. Three officers are stil out of commission, weakening the 87-man force; the department has already spent $155,000 in overtime costs this year covering Nyack alone.

While village officials labeled the decision "terrible" and "second-rate," Orangetown police chief Kevin Nulty said the reduction in O'Donnell's time in Nyack will have no effect. Nulty added that police will maintain a major presence downtown at night, deploying up to eight officers at once.

Orangetown Police were not immediately available to comment on the petition.


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