Nyack, Piermont on eBay: History for Sale

Century-old postcards, memorabilia out to bid

NYACK—January 11, 2012 at 09:23 PM

The esteemed Mr. Irvin F. Dillon of West Nyack would very much appreciate your vote for District Attorney.

"I will serve you industriously and fearlessly," Dillon promises on his campaign literature, his black-and-white visage—complete with greased, center-parted hair—beaming out.

If Dillon's words and look sound dated, it's because they are—by about 80 years. The political pamphlet featuring Dillon is up for sale on eBay with an asking price of $14.

A quick search for the river villages on the auction site turns up countless historic trinkets, leaflets and brochures, many over a century old. Most pieces, if framed and cleaned up, would make excellent artwork for the home. Or, at the very least, easy entertainment—you can see what Nyack Library looked like in 1906, or how the post office appeared with a 1942 DeSoto parked out front.

For the pious, there's a 55-year-old Confirmation Certificate from St. Anne's Church. The Catholic paperwork is framed, painted and signed by Father Michael Murphy. (Any older readers remember him?)

And for the collector—or spendthrift—there's a $775 Nyack bank note.

Piermont is represented well, too. The most popular postcard? An old shot of the mine hole, which has since been closed off with metal bars and obfuscated by overgrown vegetation.

(Patch in a Predict the Place challenge last year. Readers: anyone have a chance to check out the tunnel before it was sealed shut?)

If you've bought or sold something local on eBay—or simply poked around—let us know in the comments.


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