Nyack Man Completes Day 2 of 900-Mile Charity Ride from New York to Georgia

Photo credit: Ride to Give Facebook
Photo credit: Ride to Give Facebook

Dave Nazaroff of Nyack completed day 2 of his 6-day, 900-mile bicycle journey. This week he bikes from Nyack, NY to Georgia for the charity Ride to Give's recipient, Callie Truelove, who suffers from Williams Syndrome, a heart defect. 

Nazaroff made it to his first destination, Limerick, PA Monday evening. On day 2 he made it to Fredericksburg, MD, but not without his challenges. 

Team Ride to give documents his progress on their Facebook page and reported Monday

"Today was full of ups and downs, mostly on gravel roads! It was endless and frustrating! Every time Dave would come to a fork in the road, it seemed the GPS sent him up the unpaved side. He had to take it extra slow and very cautious as not to fall or pop a tire. Dave said this was the worst/hardest 100 miles of his life."

"We were so excited when we came off a gravel road and found the A-Town Bar & Grille at the bottom of a hill. We stopped for snacks, cold drinks, and a much needed restroom break. As Dave was getting his helmet on to leave, a man walked up to us. He said he did not know what we were all about but saw on the back of the van we were traveling from New York to Georgia. He handed Dave a donation and they exchanged a warm handshake. Dave was so moved by the gesture that he absentmindedly handed us the donation, got on the bike and we began our last 45 miles of the day. Not until much later did we realize he had left his phone. We had been wondering why the "blue dot" did not leave the store parking lot when the tracking link had finally seemed like it was working again. Thanks to Tom and Tammy, the phone was safely returned and we have a great story to tell from day 2!" 

As of Monday evening, the charity had reached $60,000 in funds for A Look Into Callie's Heart! They are 25 donations away from 3,000 contributors.

Nazaroff will continue his ride to Gainesville, GA this week and will present a check to Callie for her medical bills and other expenses at the end of his journey. 

The Ride to Give is a 501(c)3 non-profit that raises funds and awareness for children with long-term illnesses and special needs.Nazaroff is the co-founder.

To make a tax deductible donation to A Look Into Callie's Heartclick here.

To follow Nazaroff's route, click here.


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