Day Appoints Humbach Rockland County Attorney

Rockland County Executive Ed Day chose Thomas E. Humbach as County Attorney for Rockland. 

"The people of Rockland County will be well served by Tom's legal acumen and extensive litigation experience," Day said. "I am confident that his talents and expertise, especially in environmental law, will help us establish one of the leading county attorney's offices in the state."

Humbach, who opened the Law Office of Thomas E. Humbach in Pearl River in 2008, brings over 19 years of private sector legal experience. He is a graduate of Penn State University and earned his Juris Doctorate at Pace University School of Law in White Plains. 

Hambach worked his way up to Senior Litigation Associate at the firm of Montclare & Wachter, then moved on to Frederick J. Murphy & Associates, where he became a partner. 

Hambach represented Preserve Rockland when some of its petitions were challenged in the previous election.  

As Rockland County Attorney, he will represent the county in civil legal matters, trials and appeals, draft contracts and resolutions and provide legal advise to the County Executive, the legislature and department personnel. 
Michael N. Hull January 08, 2014 at 09:43 AM
Great appointments continue from the Day administration. The Journal News reported that: "Humbach successfully argued before State Supreme Court Justice Gerald Loehr in September to get petitions from a new third-party line, Preserve Rockland, to stand and the line’s candidates to proceed. They had been thrown out by the county Board of Elections after various disqualifications and challenges to its petitions were filed (such as the pages had some mis-numbering) ....... The grassroots Preserve Rockland line put Day into the county executive’s seat, giving him nearly 23 percent of his vote tally. The line represents a joining of Preserve Ramapo and Clarkstown Preservation Society, grassroots groups that are angered by issues such as high taxes, overdevelopment, a loss of quality of life and the unequal treatment of some at the expense of others". ........ Humbach’s legal roots which lie in environmental and land-use law should be very useful with the mounting problems facing Rockland County. We should also thank him for ensuring that the people of Rockland County had a truly independent and grass roots line for the citizens of Rockland to have their voice heard and their voting power recognized .... No longer will politics be controlled in the Town of Clarkstown by the minor party lines which tend to trade political support for patronage jobs or other considerations.
Charles Clewsow January 08, 2014 at 10:48 AM
Excellent choice. Day is 3 for 3.


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