Going To International Leadership Conference In Paris

Kari Nehlsen needs to raise $2,100 before March 14th so she can attend Envision's International Leadership Summit in Paris, France in May. Nehlsen of Nyack writes on her GoFundMe page that she believes she is being given an opportunity.

“Before even hearing about the conference I felt God pulling my heart not only to Paris, but to Europe - a place where belief in Jesus has come and gone and for many is nothing but an unneeded accessory. My heart aches as I pray for the people of Europe, and the entire world! I recently, and joyfully, started working in a cafe in downtown Nyack, where I meet people of all cultures and ages. I have been praying that God would teach me how to be a light in any context. This conference in Paris caught my attention right away. I applied and was honored to be accepted.”

She explains the conference will focus on three areas: spiritual growth, leadership development, and missional living. Participants will work with different churches, be involved with street evangelism, jazz club outreach and homeless outreach. Nehlsen has raised $310 toward her expenses.




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