Nyack Royalty: The Pie Lady (and Son)

Pick up your favorite, home-cooked confections at Nyack's farmers' market.

The Pie Lady has returned to Nyack, and brought in reinforcements—her son.

When it comes to their wares, nothing beats a slice of hot apple pie out of the oven on an autumn day. And although the pies at the market may not be steaming any longer, The Pie Lady and Son never fail to put out delicious desserts.

Last Thursday, there was a stack of pies and an assortment of packaged single slices spread out on their table. Different people came and went from the booth, purchasing slices and entire pies.

The booth host, Wil, quickly announced his pedigree: he's the Pie Lady's son. His friendly demeanor went hand in hand with his excellent skills at describing and recommending the unique pie flavors. 

Wil noted Nyack is the only farmer's market they sell at—and this is their first year.

But with the crowds around the booth each week, it's hard to believe. It was only last Thanksgiving that the Pie Lady and her son decided to sell their pies, but this wasn't the first time.

Wil's mother, Deborah Tyler, started baking pies when Wil was about 12 years old. She had learned all about the culinary arts while studying in England years ago, and as her life changed and her family grew, baking once again become a strong interest.

And the pies were definitely a favorite of Deborah's three children, Wil explained. Deborah Tyler's family loved her pies so much, that they thought she should sell them so others could enjoy them, too.

So—out of her house in Nyack—Deborah started baking her pies for the public. In the beginning, all she had was the oven in her kitchen and a borrowed oven from her landlady. But the pies grew in popularity so quickly that Deborah could hardly keep up with the demand. After all, she was hand-making every pie herself, not to mention all the shopping that came along with it.

Unfortunately, the success was too much for one person—pie production was put to bed. But Wil, now older and wiser at 25-years-old, decided to take matters into his own hands. Knowing that a good pie is never a thing to waste, he teamed up with his mother and created The Pie Lady and Son pie company.

People were thrilled to see Deborah's return to the pie world. Ever since the announcement was made orders have been non-stop, and at each market there are stacks of pre-ordered pies.

The desserts are all homemade by Deborah, Wil, and a new helper they've recently acquired. The fruit is from local farms, including The Orchards of Conklin (also at the market). There are between 80 and 90 different recipes involving the combinations of seasonal fruit, Wil said.

I tried a slice of the apple/plum pie (well, I think—there was purple, so I assume plum.) The filling was sweet and juicy with just the right amount of syrupy goodness. And the apples melted in my mouth as the crust crumbled around it—I will definitely be back for a pie next party that comes up.

Wil was also very excited to announce that The Pie Lady and Son is in the process of opening their first retail location, right here in Nyack. Currently, they have pies available there on Saturday mornings, in addition to at the market on Thursdays.

Check them out at the Nyack farmers' market, or at their store at 366 Route 9W, Upper Nyack.

Mother and son recommend calling in advance to reserve a pie at (845) 512-8926.

William Demarest September 16, 2010 at 09:57 PM
Going to the back porch of Pie Lady's house to pick up one of her huge apple pies was always a terrific experience. You definitely had to use two hands to carry the pie - massive!
frank formato October 21, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Will is the best. Now in Greenpoint Brooklyn and we can not live without these delicious pies, Frank Formato and family.


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