McDonald's Shows Off Remodeled Nyack Location

Herb and Nellie Thomas bought the McDonald's on Route 59 in Nyack nearly 20 years ago.

Tuesday morning, they showed off the newly-renovated restaurant that includes a double drive-through, improved cooking area and separate counter space for orders and pick-up during a ribbon-cutting ceremony including local officials. 

"Thank you for coming to this... grand re-opening since this is a restaurant that has been here for 40 years," Herb Thomas said.

Nyack Village Clerk Mary White, who once worked at that McDonald's, was there for the ceremony. She would only laugh when asked how many years ago it was, but joked about showing off a scar from her time in the kitchen.

"I want to thank the Thomases for this beautiful McDonald's and for being such great community members," Nyack Mayor Jen Laird-White said. "For offering employment and great food. We're so grateful that all those years ago, you chose Nyack."

Herb Thomas said they opened with the changes Oct. 29 and have seen double-digit increases in sales, but hope for more. The change in the drive-through has helped accommodate more customers. He said the seating space inside is a little smaller, but the room in the back is set up better for the employees to work in.

Nellie Thomas led a tour through the restaurant, pointing out the change at the counter.

"You order at one station and pick up at another," Thomas said. "We do this so we can spend a little more time with each customer. When you take the order, you are so rushed. So when we give you hour food, we can spend a little more time."

For video from Tuesday's ceremony, click here
overTAXEDpayer December 05, 2013 at 10:07 AM
Not that I frequent McDonalds very often...but I hope the Nyack service is faster than the Nanuet store.
willina December 05, 2013 at 01:27 PM
great food? really?


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