Chamber Launches 'Beautify Nyack' to Address Bar-Scene Issues

To address issues such as litter, vandalism and other downsides of the busy late-night scene in downtown Nyack, the Chamber of Commerce is launching a new program. 

Called "Beautify Nyack," the project will be sponsored and administered by The Nyack Pour House, a Chamber member.

In addition, the Nyack Chamber of Commerce has formed a business-owner group called the Late Night Business Association to advocate for and represent the interests of restaurants, bars, hotels, transportation services and other businesses in the Nyack community that operate during evening hours. 

“Nyack’s late night businesses are part of the economic backbone of the Village and help make Nyack the place to be, night or day,” Scott Baird, president of the Nyack Chamber of Commerce, said in a press release. “We commend The Pour House for stepping up to help make Nyack better for its citizens, business owners and patrons.”

The Beautify Nyack program starts today. Businesses in the designated Late Night Business Zone can call the hotline number (845) 727-POUR to report any issues to the LNBA. The Late Night Business Zone runs from Franklin to Broadway along Main Street. (See map for the exact area.)

The hotline will accept calls between 11am- 7pm, every day but Christmas and Easter mornings. The Nyack Pour House will address issues on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Late night businesses contribute hundreds of jobs and bring thousands of people 
to the Village each year, Chamber officials said. Those businesses: 

• Provide jobs for more than 300 part-time and full-time workers, half of whom live in Rockland County
• Employ more than 200 contractors (DJs, bands, artists, karoke, etc.), more than half of whom live in Nyack and Rockland County
• Support more than 300 charities each year and raised an estimated $150,000 
• Donate more than 3,500 employee hours towards charitable causes each year
• Attract more than 500,000 people to Nyack each year

However, as Nyack has become a more popular nighttime destination, problems have arisen. 

According to the Nyack Free Press other businesses have complained for years that they had to clean up the mess, including vomit and urine, left by patrons of local bars. 

Moreover, "A rash of late-night fights in the street also led to concerns about public safety and the cost of having to maintain a large police presence in downtown Nyack late at night," Bill Demarest wrote in nyackfreepress.blogspot.com.

“We are committed to helping Nyack, and want to see it succeed today and in the future,” said Sean Spicer, co-owner of The Pour House. 

StandfortheLord March 15, 2014 at 04:51 PM
Add Tarantella to the list as well. They remain open way too late with no regard to the people who live in the area.
Maire B March 15, 2014 at 08:42 PM
I believe that, since Nyack began metered parking during the daytime there has been no interest in the many groups of people looking for places for lunch get togethers. Everytime one of my various groups expresses a desire for a different place for our lunch gatherings, everyone turns thumbs down for anything in Nyack because of the parking situation. There's nothing worse than sitting in a restaurant and having to continuously check your watch to see if you gave yourself enough time at the meter..
STANLEY KATZ March 18, 2014 at 08:08 AM
I no longer patronize restaurants that I went to each morning, Strawberry Place, for example. I stopped using the Nyack library. I use the library in Nanuet or Piermont. The parking meter is costing Nyack business place a great deal of lost patronige
willie 6 March 18, 2014 at 11:06 AM
Nyack Village seems to use parking revenue for Village expenses. until they figure out a way to be accommodating to visitors ,they will continue to lose visitors. Beware of those RUDE NPA agents.
Arii Adams March 18, 2014 at 01:44 PM
Has anyone looked at the sidewalks in front of these establishments on Main Street, especially the eating and drinking venues. The streets are disgusting. Store owners need to be required to sweep/cleanup in front of their places at least three times a day: morning, noon, and evening. It appears that the sweeping is done only in the mornings when they open, if then. The accumulation of cigarette butts, burnt matches, cups, general litter, etc., is enough to cause a person to gag. Perhaps those establishments can start there. The sidewalks in the front of these stores rival the garbage you see on Manhattan streets. I always wonder how people can sit and eat in the sidewalk outdoor cafe setups with the litter and garbage under foot and within eye sight. 'Beautify Nyack' should begin with clean up Nyack first!


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