South Nyack Church Replaces Sunday Service With Soup Kitchen

Living Christ Church members organized the event with others from the community.

Due to power outage, South Nyack’s Living Christ Church canceled its service Sunday morning, but members of the church decided to get together anyway. Parishioners brought food and canned items to the church and held a soup kitchen event outside for the public.

Julie Hodsdon, worship director at the church and an organizer of the event, said about 15-20 families from the church brought items for the event, and roughly the same number of families from the community did as well. There was freshly cooked soup, hot coffee and someone grilling hot dogs right out in front of the church, along with plenty of canned food items being given away for free, along with water bottles and socks.

The church hosts a weekly soup kitchen Sunday nights for dinner, which will also take place today from 5-6 p.m. Living Christ Church is located at 151 S. Broadway, South Nyack.


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