Beating Cancer in South Nyack

John Whitley beats doctors' diagnosis, raises funds for charity

John Whitley was given 12 months, but the diagnosis didn't daunt him—and now he's proved it wrong.

The 57-year-old South Nyacker is currently undergoing recovery after beating pancreatic cancer, an illness his doctors though would leave him little time.

Whitley fought off the cancer in a turnaround that shocked doctors, and .

Last Saturday, Whitley hit the streets of New York City for the annual Purple Stride event, which raises awareness and funds to combat pancreatic cancer.

"It was amazing," Whitley said. "I got to meet other survivors, got to share, hug and cry with those who have lost loved ones, and I got to meet Lisa Niemi Swayze, Honorary Chair of Pancan, widow of Patrick Swayze."

Swayze, a Hollywood icon, died from pancreatic cancer in 2009.

Whitley alone raised about $2,000 for the fund; check out the adjacent photos for a closer look.


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