Wrestling: Clarkstown North Tops Nyack

Rams defeat Indian, 74-3.

Clarkstown North High School wrestling defeated Nyack, 74-3, Tuesday afternoon.

Match results:
96: Hong, Brian (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  FALL Lopez, Nick (Nyack Sr HS) 3:27

103: Guevarra, Dean (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  For (Nyack Sr HS)  -

112: Hong, Justin (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  For (Nyack Sr HS)  -

119: Thakur, Prashant (Nyack Sr HS)  DEC Kash, Colby (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  8-6

125: Fields, Paul (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  TF Thakur, Adit(Nyack Sr HS)  20-5

130: Blumberg, Gregg (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  FALL Giraldez, James(Nyack Sr HS) 2:31

135: Caponigro, Chris (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  FALL Cruz, Rafael(Nyack Sr HS) 3:32

140: Murphy, Scott (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  FALL Lucero, German(Nyack Sr HS) 3:27

145: Becker, Ryan (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  For (Nyack Sr HS)  -

152: Rubin, Bruce (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  SV Lieberman, Jacob(Nyack Sr HS)  5-3

160: Bouquet, Christian (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  For (Nyack Sr HS)  -

171: Termine, Nick (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  For (Nyack Sr HS)  -

189: Regalbuto, Charles (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  For (Nyack Sr HS)  -

215: Murray, James (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  DEC Archibal, Chris (Nyack Sr HS)  8-6

285: Galli, Greg (Clarkstown North Sr HS)  TB-2 Maldonado, Steven (Nyack Sr HS)  7-6


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