Nanuet Schools: Possible Effects of East Ramapo Actions

Superintendent Mark McNeill went through three possible actions the East Ramapo School District may take and their possible consequences on surrounding districts


East Ramapo owes Rockland BOCES $5 million for tuition and services that is more than 90 days overdue.

The state education commissioner set requirements for the district for January 2, which were not followed. A second deadline of January 16 was set. Rockland BOCES Superintendent Mary Jean Marsico said if there has not been any payment and the deadlines passed, BOCES will have to put alternative plans into place, which she would not disclose.

“We will take action after the 16th if there is failure to comply with the commissioner’s directive,” she said.

At last week’s Nanuet school board meeting, Superintendent Mark McNeill went over the possible actions East Ramapo may take and its effects on surrounding school districts.

“If they don’t pay their bill, it does impact us,” said McNeill. He gave three possible scenarios and their consequences (these impacts may or may not happen):

If East Ramapo decides to not pay and pull all their students from BOCES:

  • The per student may increase for all other districts that have students in the BOCES program

If East Ramapo decides to not pay, but continue to have students in the BOCES program:

  • BOCES may have to look at cuts in programs and/or personnel

If East Ramapo decides to borrow money to pay the $5 million:

  • “East Ramapo may ask local districts to pay for the interest on (East Ramapo’s) loan.”

The following day after Nanuet's Tuesday night board meeting, East Ramapo School District Superintendent Joel Klein assured Marsico Wednesday morning the district would pay its bill, but gave very few details and would not set a specific payment date or amount. 

East Ramapo along with North Rockland sends the most students of all eight Rockland districts to BOCES. Of East Ramapo’s 272 students 176 are enrolled in special education classes and 76 are in its career and technical training programs.  In response to the late payment, BOCES froze its spending and has asked vendors for payment periods longer than 30 days so it can meet its payroll. 

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Don January 14, 2013 at 03:39 PM
"Ask other districts to pay interest on their loan"? Sorry, but we support enough of people in Ramapo.
Helene McCauley January 14, 2013 at 06:17 PM
If East Ramapo doesn't pay and pulls their students from BOCES, wouldn't BOCES be able to reduce personnel and programs appropriately or proportionally to accommodate less students?
Lisa Jacobson January 14, 2013 at 06:18 PM
Are you kidding! Pay the interest on East Ramapo's Loan - Better not happen, we are having enough trouble keeping our own heads above water with Nanuet Tax increae! Dr. McNeil and the Board please do not let this happen!
Pat Hoffman January 14, 2013 at 06:26 PM
I dont think any of those choices are good. East Ramapo has had enough tax money to pay their share if they the school board and head hadnt used so much for their own special interests and their own private schools. The State has to step in, take over the school system and vote in a brand new set of Board members and Superintendant. It isnt fair to the children in East Ramapo to be deprived of so much ---and not fair to the rest of the County who are struggling but paying their bills so the kids can have a good well rounded education.
Scott Walters January 14, 2013 at 06:44 PM
East Ramapo is a mess of grand proportions that has been caused by the polarization of the private vs public school sides. The state has to get involved and take them over and clean house completely, and that includes their dysfunctional board. FOr all the flaws in Nanuet, at least we are functioning in a more stable way


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