Full House at RCC-TV Film Festival

The spotlight was shining on Wednesday night as trophies were handed out to the winners in each category of the film festival

The cameras were flashing, the paparazzi were shouting and the red carpet lined the entryway into the on May 4.

“We have acting students playing different roles throughout the festival. From paparazzi to presenters of the awards,” said Janice T. Goldstein, director of the festival.

These aspiring actors and actresses were all fully committed to their roles, costumes and all. RCC-TV students ushered the audience to their seats as the festival was about to begin. As the night went on, there was hardly an empty seat in the house.

“I have a short film entered in the contest. This is my first time to do something like this. It’s very exciting,” said Bryan Murphy, a junior at Suffern High School. His family sat beside him eager for what was in store.

 “We’re very proud,” added Murphy’s father.

The audience people attended for many different reasons.

“I am a music appreciation major and we had to select an event for a project. This seemed like the most interesting activity to attend,” said Chris Marich, RCC student.

Teachers not affiliated with the TV program were also in attendance.

“I am interested in the English language and stories. I’m interested to hear what people say with their films,” said Adjunct Professor Linda Stankard.

After an entertaining pirate skit, the festival was ready to begin. Professor Patty Maloney-Titland opened for the festival and introduced the different actors/actresses as they presented the awards and Trophies, Oscar-style.

Here are the winners:

RCC Student Division-

  • Music Video – Andrew Greenspan, Freshman, “Voices in My Head”
  • Public Service Announcement – Tammy Hill, Sophomore, “Stop Bullying”
  • Comedy – Christian Vermazen, Sophomore, “You Don’t Know Jack”
  • Commercial – Amanda Thomas, Sophomore, “SUNY Rockland”
  • Documentary – Amanda Thomas, Sophomore, “Irmgard: Once upon a time in Deutschland”
  • Movie Trailer – Joseph Katz, Freshman, “Origin of the Ninja”
  • Animation – Steven Ojeda, Sophomore, “Bean Boy”
  • Short Film – Charles Caster-Dudzick, Freshman, “Yours, Hers, Ours, but Mine”

High School Division-

  • 1st place – Alec Biello and Anthony D’Agostino, Juniors, Nyack High School, “The Number 3 Pencil”
  • 2nd place – Sam Brown, Junior, Clarkstown South, “The Matzo Ball”
  • 3rd place – Emma Caster-Dudzick, Junior, Nyack, “La Vie Et Le Mort”

RCC Alumni Division – Anthony Quintano, ’99, “NBC News Correspondent Series: Jeff Rosen”

RCC Student Overall Winner Amanda Thomas, Sophomore, “Irmgard: Once upon a time in Deutschland”

“This is my favorite event of the year. It is for the students, by the students, and about the students. It’s also about artistic and academic excellence. And about creativity, talent, and collaboration,” said Professor Patty Maloney-Titland.

The quality of the films from all the different areas was amazing according to many audience members. The clips had the audience everywhere from tears in their eyes to laughing out of their seats.

During the acceptance speeches, the students couldn’t say enough about their director, Janice Goldstein.

“I want to say thank you to Janice Goldstein,” said overall winner Amanda Thomas. “You’re Welcome” came out from audience, wherever Goldstein may have been sitting.” “I love you! You are my fairy Godmother!” continued Thomas.

"Janice if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here today. I want to thank you for everything!" said alumni winner Anthony Quintano.

The hard work and dedication of Goldstein was apparent in the quality of the festival. She had everybody work together, in all different areas of interest. She and her students thought of everything to make it a magical night.

To end a fabulous night a scrumptious dessert reception was set up in the lobby by the Hospitality Students at the college. The winners, nominees, families and friends couldn’t have asked for a better time.


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