Village Board Approves Church's Use of Memorial Park

Plus other items from Thursday's lawmaking meeting

Nyack lawmakers have voted unanimously to allow Community Bible Church to use Memorial Park for an hour each day for the week of Aug. 20-24.

Pastor Bryan Burrell presented the board with his plans for the week, which include games, snacks and a Bible story. Experts will come to the meetings to help teach the kids.

Burrell said that Community Bible Church is non-denominational and will use the park from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. each day that week. They will reach out to children in Nyack, he added—not to increase attendance at their church, but to provide families with fun activities before heading back to school.

“Our target group is those with greatest need, but no person of any race, color, religion creed, national origin, sexual orientation or any other protected class will be prohibited from participation,” Burrell wrote in an email to village clerk Mary White.


The board voted and discussed a number of other items at Thursday’s meeting:

  • Marilyn Kaskel, of the Nyack Chamber of Commerce, spoke during public comments to ask the board if they could donate a tree to the annual tree lighting in late November. The board discussed the issue, and trustee Louise Parker said she thought it might set a bad precedent. Kaskel asked if the board would donate a tree if they also donated items for other religious ceremonies to the event, such as a menorah. Village administrator Jim Politi suggested the chamber go around to members in the community who are on the list to have a tree removed and select a tree they like most—then officials will remove it and transport it for the chamber. “It’ll be like Rockefeller Center,” Kaskel said.
  • The board voted to donate $500 to help fund this year’s Hopper Happens festival.
  • The board voted to re-approve the lunch program at the St. Francis of Assisi Church, where teens bag lunches and Saturday and give them out to those in need.


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