Vanderhoef Honored at NYMTC Annual Meeting

Rockland County Executive recognized as principal member for 19 years


The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) honored Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef at its Annual Council Meeting held Tuesday in Lower Manhattan at the U.S. Custom House. Vanderhoef was recognized for serving as a principal member of NYMTC since 1994.

New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner and NYMTC Co-Chair Joan McDonald presented Resolution 2013-3 to the Council members, which they unanimously adopted.

The resolution stated:

Recognition of Dedicated Service By Honorable C. Scott Vanderhoef, Rockland County Executive, As A Principal Member Of The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council

Whereas, the Honorable C. Scott Vanderhoef, Rockland County Executive, has served as a Principal member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (Council) since 1994; and

Whereas, County Executive Vanderhoef also has served as Co-Chair to the Council several times as a Principal member of the Council; and

Whereas, during his tenure as a Principal member; County Executive Vanderhoef has exercised extraordinary leadership and has facilitated an unprecedented level of discussion among the Council’s Principals on matters of great importance to the future of the region; and

Whereas, County Executive Vanderhoef’s knowledge and leadership has helped the Council achieve new levels of collaboration and deliberation that has made NYMTC a stronger and respected organization; and

Now, Therefore Be It Resolved, that the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council formally expresses its appreciation to County Executive Vanderhoef for his knowledge, his guidance and his leadership to NYMTC and to the region; and

Furthermore, Be It Resolved, that County Executive Vanderhoef be presented with a token of the Council’s appreciation.

This Resolution shall take effect on the twenty-sixth day of February,
two thousand and thirteen.

Commissioner McDonald told County Executive Vanderhoef that it had been an honor and privilege to work with him, and noted that although it was his final Annual Meeting, it was not his last day of service. Vanderhoef continues  as Rockland County’s principal representative at NYMTC until the end of 2013.

Vanderhoef thanked the staff at NYMTC for their work, noting the Council’s tasks were sometimes very difficult and trying. He also expressed appreciation to his fellow principals for their cooperation.

“NYMTC has come a long way since I started with the Council in 1994, and I want to congratulate all of you on that,” said Vanderhoef.

NYMTC is the area’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Since the 1970s, federal transportation law has mandated that urbanized areas with populations of more than 50,000 have a designated MPO in order to qualify for federal transportation funding. NYMTC serves as the MPO for NYC, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley. 

Rockland’s membership and participation in NYMTC enables it to be part of the regional transportation planning process required by federal law. As a NYMTC voting member, Vanderhoef has given Rockland eligibility for millions of federal transportation dollars that are funneled through NYMTC’s Transportation Improvement Program

NYMTC provides a collaborative planning forum to address transportation-related issues, develop regional plans and make decisions on the use of federal transportation funds.  

JLeo February 27, 2013 at 01:53 PM
Mr Vanderhoef deserves to be horored for all he has accomplished for the mass transit system of Rockland County. It's to bad that in his last years as county Executive Brega Transport has put a blemish on his record. The Tor and TZXpress contract bid is now two years old without resolution, why?.....
Tomas Smith March 01, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Cousin Billy, as I have told you once before, Brega Transport has not put a blemish on Mr. Vandy's record. Conversely, BT and related firms have blemished their own reputations, specifically their managing Bregaman Richieboy and chubby ole Legalman Dorfieboy. Losers all the way. My company wouldn't do business with these two nitwits if they were the last transporters and counsel on Earth. I don't know much about busing in our county but I hope they don't have the opportunity to touch it for the good of all of the people who use it.


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