Town Board to Discuss Comprehensive Plan, Focus on RPC

The Orangetown Town Council will receive meet with John Saccardi to get an update on the town's comprehensive plan and discuss the Rockland Psychiatric Center property.

Last April, the Orangetown Town Council approved an update of the town's comprehensive plan by Saccardi & Schiff.

John Saccardi will meet with the board 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Town Hall to provide a summary of the update and focus on plans for redeveloping Rockland Psychiatric Center.

"It is more or less an opportunity for the board to talk with John Saccardi, who has been in charge of the update of the comprehensive plan," Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart said. "He will be available to report on it and to work with us in a workshop setting in thinking about next steps for Rockland Psych."

Stewart and Councilmen Tom Morr and Paul Valentine were not on the board during the discussions with Saccardi last year. They took office in January.

"I think it is good we're all getting together on RPC," Councilman Denis Troy said. "It's our greatest challenge in the next year or two. When you have a major turnover of the town board and supervisor, it's hard to move forward. It is important for new members of the board to have their say and we all get on the same page and work together."

Among other things, Saccardi will speak on initial plans made in 2004 for RPC.

In addition to Saccardi, various department heads will join the town board in the meeting. Town Director of Finance Charlie Richardson and Town Assessor Brian Kenney will focus on things that have changed since 2004, including the economy, ongoing changes with Pfizer, the state-mandated two percent tax cap and school enrollments.

Among potential options are the purchase of Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center, the possible repurposing of Veterans Memorial Park and Broadacres Golf Course.

Town Attorney John Edwards will address some of the immediate issues involved with RPC.

Marie April 02, 2012 at 08:43 PM
A comprehensive plan is an important part of managing growth in a town. Orangetown paid for an extensive comprehensive plan 8 years ago. It covered RPC and all of the Hamlets. Unfortunately under the leadership of Kleiner,Whalen and town board members during that tenure the plan was completely ignored. After 8 years the plan must be looked at and updated, the hope is that under Stewart's administration the comprehensive plan is taken seriously and an action plan is established to make it worth the cost of revising. No point in paying Saccardi again for a plan that will not be implemented.


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