Rockland's Deficit Bond Talks Stall in State Senate

If the county wants to try again, it will have to wait until January

A bill that would’ve allowed Rockland County to issue a bond for up to $80 million stalled in the state senate’s last session until January.

The county and state officials found out Thursday night the bill wasn’t going through, said State Senator David Carlucci.

“I was working on my colleagues on it and then at the 11th hour, the state majority decided to not doing any deficit financing throughout the state,” Carlucci said Friday. “It was extremely disappointing.”

With the decision, if county and state officials want to try again for the bond, they’ll have to wait until January, when the next state senate session is. Still, Carlucci noted the county will have to take other actions before then.

“I’m going to work with my colleagues in the state and county so we can fix Rockland County’s budget crisis,” Carlucci said. “We have to get Rockland on the right track.”

Carlucci said getting Rockland on the right track will be a focus of the summer and rest of the year. One big thing Carlucci thinks can help to get Rockland moving positively is figuring out what to do with Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Home.

“I’ve been on the phone with the county legislators, with the county executive to talk about what we can do on a county level and what we can do on a state level,” Carlucci said. “We’re having ongoing talks trying to work through this.”

I just read an article in the NY Times..it was about a city in this country that was about I believe 56 or 60 million in the red for their schools and they did what they had too..they are laying off close to 500 employees..the hard working people who pay taxes.Have to say ROCKLAND AND ALL ITS FAT TOWN PAYROLLS ARE A TRAVESTY.this area is a dot on football field in size..with salaries that make working for NYC and the state goverment a joke..Bottom line we just got the answer from the ratings people...we have failed..yet the towns give raises to clerk of the works etc etc..Heres a visual...if anyone went into a candy store and tried to walk out and forget to pay for a candy bar..they would most likely get arrested..in the real world a 1.00 means something..in rockland and its towns there is a disconnect.what rockland needs is one goverment for everything not redundent goverment destroying the people ..but guess what!!!most young people dont want to live here anymore!!!I dont blame them..fast forward like 5 to 10 years and this whole area will bankrupt itself...trouble is not one is standing up for the taxpayers...sad commentary..but what we see is what we have total dysfunction 200,000 police sargents?wait this must be Beverly Hills..even Alpine NJ the wealthiest zipcode in the country doesnt have salaries like this area..we live in fantasy island
Maureen June 24, 2012 at 11:37 PM
Rockland County caved in on police salaries. Gromack gave them raises for the next five years. Orangetown is in the process of caving in. A sergeant just retired with an average last 3 years income of $190,000. Nice pension he will get! It will be higher than the average salary of those who are paying the taxes to support him. Meanwhile Supervisor Gromack is organizing another golf outing to raise funds to get himself reelected. Someone tell me if it is over $1 million yet. All of this for a smalltown supervisor who calls police salaries obscene but IMHO does nothing towards controlling costs. As to the Clerk of Works it will take a new supervisor to be elected to get rid of him.
what amazes me and many other taxpayers also known as the employer of these clowns..I dont buy the defense that we need 6 or 7 police forces for rockland..heres why...last week they had a issue of a gun shot in pearl river which was a fire exstinguisher faliing...it happens..then we read that "multiple" police forces where involved in the search yes multiple..sooooo if we had just one police force ie..like the sheriffs police force...there would be less waste of time contacting the others surrounding police departments as there would only be one force!!!!!opps too simple
Mike Hirsch June 25, 2012 at 12:54 AM
I am very happy that the NYS Senate decided not to do any deficit financing. I am also very happy that Senator Carlucci is starting to work on this problem. He is absolutely correct in that the county needs to find a way to rid itself of the Summit Park liability. I would like to see him work with Ed Day in a bipartisan way to come up with a solution to that ongoing liability. Cornell, Vanderhoef, and Schoenberger had their chance. It's time for new leadership.
does our attorney general of ny make that much money or close to it?? and he rules the whole state..no just a sargeant of a small hick town like neew city..
Clarkstown life June 25, 2012 at 01:05 AM
Howie......you gotta relax.......your logic is rrrreally tough to follow......you want the County to run law enforcement?....you are kidding right?
John Taggart June 25, 2012 at 01:21 AM
like. Someone regulated, but free, might be able to break even, on summit park. Rockland should be doing much better. The palisades mall payed us out last time. Where is the rainy day fund?
so here is my visual of this fiasco..a 400 lb unwashed.out of work person wearing cargo shorts..work boots with his waist band down to his knees...dribbling left over food from lunch and its now only 1.30 in the afternoon begs the charity for more food as he cant control his appitite no way no how..and is told" listen try going on a diet...you just ate lunch..in fact you ate 9 lunchs we saw you doing that!!!!dont lie...and now those others will go hungry!!so no way no how are we going to feed you anymore!!!zip your lips shut...excerise more!!!get a job...the un-limited lunch is gone...and the person gets mad or upset???mmmmm sounds like rockland doesnt it..


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