Sheriff Arrested on Assault Charge

Sheriff Al Cannon booked into jail on 3rd degree assault charge stemming from traffic stop.

Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon was booked into the jail that bears his own name Tuesday on 3rd degree assault charges, according to a statement from the state's law enforcement division.

The arrest and criminal charges stem from a January incident in which Cannon admitted he slapped a handcuffed suspect following a high-speed pursuit through Mount Pleasant. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division made the arrest today.

Cannon invited the criminal probe after the incident, and earlier on Tuesday an outside prosecutor recommended the misdemeanor charges. Cannon told the Post and Courier he would not step down because of the charge, and he would accept the appropriate punishment.

The assault charge carries a $500 fine or 30 days in jail, and since Cannon has no criminal record he can enter a pre-trial diversion program. He won't have to step down as sheriff, because the diversion will result in no criminal record.

It's a common scenario for first-time offenders charged with minor offenses.

Cannon has said almost from the outset that he regretted slapping Timothy McManus following the Jan. 30 chase. The sheriff said he lost his temper after personally pursuing the suspect at speeds near 100 mph through Mount Pleasant and into the Francis Marion National Forest.

On Monday, deputies again arrested McManus when they encountered the 31-year-old asleep behind the wheel of a running truck in Mount Pleasant. He was charged with driving without insurance, a proper tag and for operating a vehicle with a suspended license.

McManus, according to ABC News 4, was released from jail earlier Tuesday.

Terri Unknown January 08, 2013 at 07:04 PM
I'd like to venture that 99.9% of the ones in jail are guilty of the crime arrested on and then many more! JW you must be one of the 99.9% ers or related to one. Jails aren't for innocent people. We know how to stay out of them.
JoSCh January 08, 2013 at 07:42 PM
In a race to the bottom both Terri and JW are quite literally 6 months behind Greymom. Way to go?
JoSCh January 08, 2013 at 07:45 PM
Serious question linda, are you developmentally disabled?
linda mcpherson January 08, 2013 at 08:34 PM
JoSCH...WHY would you conclude this, of me. CONSIDER THIS. You are crossing the street, and from around a corner, a driver is racing to the airport, he looks down for only a second/ HE is moving to quickly/you can't escape- he runs over you, crushing your bones/puts out one eye; you, are left, with paralysis, in that your brain function, is , abnormal. Your life, as you knew it, is over. One person saw the hit/run car; the driver kept on going, he had to get to the airport, catch his flight to a interview for, FINALLY, SO- he just said the heck wth you, and left you, bloody/ broken up, in the street. ONE PERSON saw the car/called 911 for help/gave the discription of what happened and Al Cannon heard it. He was not far away. He spotted a car, as described/ caught up to it. Now, the driver just wants to get away from it all/ he intends to do that. Al Cannon, is determined : ' THIS DRIVER- LEFT YOU, A INNOCENT PERSON, FOR DEAD', AND HE- WILL NOT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THIS '. WHO would have brought justice for you; WHO would have known who did this to you? ANYONE would have become so angry,as this guy, left you lying in the street. THEN, catching up to him, the man- STILL- KEEPS GOING. THAT, is like a 'SO WHAT' attitude. THAT is enough to make caring people VERY ANGRY, and, in the spur of the moment, a good hard slap! in the face, to the man- was not near as bad as what he, had given to you, forevermore.
JoSCh January 08, 2013 at 08:51 PM
Because of the way you type. You capitalize and punctuate randomly. It's like reading Tourette Syndrome theater. Police aren't judges nor are they the executors of punishment. In this case Al Cannon acted as if he were, he admitted that he did and apologized because he's knows that what he did was fundamentally wrong and opposed to what America stands for. The situation you're advocating for is an authoritarian dystopia. It's like a GOP wet dream except it doesn't have enough citizen hero lynch mobs pursuing the accused, sorry; the we think he's guilty so he's guilty party with machine guns and performing the summary execution themselves.


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