Service Restored After Mt. Kisco Water Main Break

Rock pressure believed to have caused the Monday afternoon break.

Water service has been restored to Mount Kisco residents who were impacted by a main break on Monday afternoon, according to Village Manager James Palmer.

The break occured around the intersection of Leonard Street and Thorn Avenue, in the eastern part of the village.

The cause of the break is believe to have been caused by pressure exerted from rocks.

"The break was most likely caused by the gradual pressure of rock placed on the main," Palmer wrote in an email. "Specifically, as seems to be the case with many older mains in the Village, large rocks surround the main and probably shifted over time and caused the main to split."

Meanwhile, the split was isolated, Palmer added.

James Wilson July 05, 2012 at 02:54 PM
the rocks shifted over time and caused the main to split...? The sky is falling? Too many heavy trucks and SUVs running over it? Come on, let's be honest. The pipes are old, so are the gas lines, and sewer lines. No, it was the heat.


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