Rockland Organizations To Critique Executive Budget

Joint legislative panel will hold a public hearing on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget on Thursday


A half dozen elected state officials will conduct a budget hearing on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2013-2014 Executive Budget. More than 250 Rockland County-based organizations have been invited to send representatives to the three-hour afternoon forum at the Valley Cottage Library.

State Senator David Carlucci and Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski along with State Senator William Larkin and Assembly members Ellen Jaffee, Annie Rabbitt and James Skoufis are co-hosting the joint legislative budget hearing. Jason Elan, a spokesman for Carlucci, said the mailing sent last week went to non-profits, veterans groups, health care providers and activists. He said the goal is to make sure people have a good understanding of the budget and its effect on Rockland.

"This hearing will provide an opportunity for residents to gauge a better understanding of how state priorities will impact them on the local level," said Carlucci. "I look forward to working with all stakeholders, advocates, and community leaders to make sure that their voices and input are heard in Albany."

The program takes place from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Valley Cottage Library at 110 Route 303. Each legislator is expected to give brief statement and then the forum will be opened up for questions and answers so organization representatives can ask questions about specific parts of the budget and how the budget will impact funding, resources, and play a role in shaping local communities.

"It is important to solicit input and suggestions from local Rockland residents as we go through this budget process," said Zebrowski.  "This hearing will be a great opportunity for taxpayers, municipalities, non-profits and businesses to address Rockland's state representatives on how the Executive Budget impacts them."

Watchdog February 13, 2013 at 01:24 PM
COUNTY- We need to file bankruptcy, abrogate the sweetheart union deals like lifetime healthcare for those who work only five years for the County, no-copays for medicine etc., CLARKSTOWN- Eliminate the SHAM. OF ARBITRATION and the Triboro Amendment, fire the strikers like Reagan did with the Air Traffic Controllers and bring in new cops ( from NYC) who care about the plight of senior citizens whose meager fixed incomes go to paying for pensions for $200,000 uncaring, selfish cops.
James Flynn February 13, 2013 at 01:52 PM
Rockland Politicians at all levels of government have hid the true costs for decades. They have failed to include the true cost of pensions in budgets, ignoring the reports telling them they should be reserving funds for pensions, retiree healthcare, tax challenges and more. They have lost Arbitration proceedings because their financials did not reflect these costs. Now they blather about unfunded mandates which are just the bills they have not paid or reserved for properly. Fix the problem by voting in new leaders who will at least tell us the truth. You may be right the situation is so dire some form of bankruptcy may be our only option. But understand that the Unions are not the problems the town supervisors, the legislators and the county executive are the ones who are. A Unions job is to negotiate the best deal for their members, if the people we elect are not up to the job we should fire them by voting for Competent Leaders who have our interests at heart.
Watchdog February 13, 2013 at 02:26 PM
It is also a bank robbers "job" to rob banks but does that mean we should not "blame" them for robbing banks and getting the "best deal fir themselves". If you are suggesting that Unions should only care about their members and not the rest of the Taxpaying Citizens, some of whom are in dire straights( which is what the Police Union does) then we have a disagreement. I do agree about dumping spineless, self serving politicians and I do appreciate all you have done to educate others about the inner workings of our local government.


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