Questions Linger About Clarkstown Hiring Firm For Tax Lawsuits (VIDEO)

Communty member continues to ask how firm was selected


One community member continues to seek information about the hiring of ’s White Plains law firm to handle Clarkstown’s tax cert matters. Tom Nimick of New City asked at the last town board workshop how Town Attorney Amy Mele and other officials learned about Savino’s firm.

Nimick asked, “How did Mr. Savino come to your attention with regard to tax cert work? I appreciate your shedding light on why you thought to contact this particular firm with regard to tax cert work.”

Mele said she did not recall the details. 

“I’m honestly not sure I remember who brought it to my attention,” she said. “Like I said I interviewed several firms.”

Mele said while Savino’s firm had not represented municipalities in tax cert cases it did have experience because it had represented businesses and individuals.

Nimick then said Savino’s firm did not appear to be an “obvious choice” for the work and sought more information about the firm’s hiring from Gromack.

“It could have been someone that was proactive from his firm that contacted the town attorney’s office and said that if there was ever an opportunity please keep me in mind,” said Gromack.

At its reorganization in early January, the town board voted to hire the law firm of Faga Savino to handle its tax cert matters. The deputy town attorney, who had previously been responsible for that work, had been let go in what was described as a cost saving measure. The annual retainer for Savino’s firm is $87,000.




Brenda M May 08, 2012 at 10:02 AM
Mary:  The article says  << Savino lived at 1368 Kearney Ave in the Bronx when he ran for state senate. Then he moved with his family to 2 Kohler Court in Congers, NY and now he sold that house and he has another house under his wife’s name Carri Savino (maiden name is Carri Sarter). The new house they moved into is at 140 Waters Edge, in Congers, NY, it is now listed just under his wife’s name Carri Savino and Jay’s mother in law’s name Laura Sarter. >>>> That address is around the corner from where Gromack lives. Also the article says there may be pending federal RICO charges against Savino. But it may be that since he is a major figure in Yonkers politics he has to claim residence in the Bronx even though he may in fact reside in Rockland. Do you have further information on Savino and possible pending federal charges? He sounds like a great candidate for Gromack to have added to the Town to be paid for on our tax tab! Smells incestuous to me! By the way I looked up his associate, Anthony Mangone, mentioned in the article. He is apparently headed for prison after testifying in the Annabi and Jereis corruption trial that just finished in White Plains. http://www.lohud.com/article/20120325/NEWS02/303250054/In-Yonkers-corruption-trial-feds-bet-big-Mangone-s-history
George C May 08, 2012 at 11:57 AM
“I’m honestly not sure I remember who brought it to my attention,” she said. “Like I said I interviewed several firms.” Can you remember the other firms that were interviewed? I'll bet those other firms were not politically connected.
Smitty Chesterfield May 08, 2012 at 02:22 PM
"I can't remember"??? I call shenanigans. How about turning towards Alex and the others, and asking them who brought them to your attention. Or did everyone forget? What a disgusting avoidance of transparency.
stephany May 09, 2012 at 02:16 AM
looks like the TOC got to the patch and Robin
stephany May 09, 2012 at 03:21 AM
Do questions really linger,I don't think so.


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