Public Hearing Set On Rezoning Near Palisades Center

Decision to hold March 5th Public Hearing based on consultant’s recommendation to rezone properties near the Route 59 and 303 intersection


Clarkstown Planner Joe Simoes explained at Tuesday’s town board meeting that a consultant’s review of zoning near the intersection of Routes 59 and 303 recommended rezoning sections from Light Industrial/Office and Regional Shopping to Major Regional Shopping.  In order to do that, the board must hold a public hearing and that has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 5 at p.m. 

Simoes said Cambridge Systematics, which has been studying the zoning along the state highway corridors that run through Clarkstown, pointed out there is a mix of zoning on the Palisades Center property in West Nyack and in the surrounding area. The consultant’s analysis showed the town code lists the area as Major Regional Shopping even though that is not reflected in the town’s zoning map. Cambridge Systematics proposed the town rezone the entire area to Major Regional Shopping. 

Simoes said the change is necessary for the town “to show on a zoning map that the entire area is Major Regional Shopping.”

Additionally, there is some zoning of Light Industrial/Office near Greenbush Road and Strawberry Hill would that would be changed to Regional Shopping. That would bring it in line with similar areas along Route 59 and Route 303. Simoes said other suggestions were to provide guidelines for installing screening between commercial and residential areas and offering incentives for mitigating stormwater runoff.

Cambridge Systematics already studied Route 303, Route 9W and Route 304 and made recommendations for rezoning along those corridors. 


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