Planning Board Discusses Shops at Nanuet

They voted on three resolutions relating to the incoming shops


The Clarkstown Planning Board reviewed three separate items relating to .

The items were all approved, and dealt with a revision to the site plan for Banchetto Feast, the re-subdivision of existing tax lots and an amendment to the overall site plan.

The Banchetto Feast resolution simply changed the property line that was created by the approved subdivision plan voted on at the county level.

“The subdivision occurred after the site plan was approved,” said Ira Emanuel of the Law Office of Ira Emanuel, P.C. in New City who is representing Nanuet Mall Owner Simon Property. “The single purpose of this amendment is to reform the outlines of the site plan to the lot that now exists.”

The second item relating to The Shops at Nanuet that will re-configure, merge and/or eliminate existing lots at the location into three tax lots to help change the property over from the Nanuet Mall.

“There are seven different tax lots that make up the mall property,” Emanuel said. “There are only three owners. We’re just trying to clean up the map.”

He added that since they’re reconfiguring all these maps in the area, they figured they’re make things a bit clearer, as each owner will now own just one lot.

The third item proposed an amendment to the site plan that would take it from 864,432 square feet of total space to 879,741 square feet.

“This is basically a continuing refinement of the original plan that was approved,” said Chuck Schneider, senior civil engineer for Simon.

One item changed in the amended plan passed Wednesday dealt with the lighting requirements from Orange & Rockland. The dispute with lighting was over light poles.

“They did finally defer and allow us to put short light poles along the very back edge of the property line, where we’re now allowed to have 20-foot light poles that are at least 50 feet away from the center line of their existing wire system,” Schneider said. “So that change has been made from the previous site plans.”

The amended site plan passed Wednesday also includes the reconfiguring of 95 parking spaces.

“There was a small piece of retaining wall along State Road 59 at the front end that we have deleted from the site plan and reconfigured several parking spaces just to delete the need for the wall,” Schneider said. “The foot print of the health club has changed slightly. We required the shifting of that back inner ring road, and that allowed us to create several parking spaces inside the ring road adjacent to the building next to the mall security office and the police office, so that the police will now have parking spaces immediately adjacent to the building. If they ever have to transfer somebody from their offices to a patrol car, they would not have to walk them out across the ring road and into the parking lot.”

Other changes Schneider talked about include a drop-off area near the theater and modifications to some handicapped parking spaces to improve their configurations.

The Planning Board also voted to ask Town Supervisor Alex Gromack to send O&R a letter about the locations O&R wants to put transformers. The board said the plan has the transformers out in the open, which takes away from the hard work the board and applicant put into the plan to make it a beautiful location.


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