Piermont May Spend $50,000 To Renovate Portion of Village Hall

The village clerk's office in Village Hall may be receiving an overhaul.

Piermont officials are looking at a plan to renovate the clerk's office in Village Hall.

"It's something that's been put off for a very long time," said Christopher Sanders, Piermont's mayor. The village clerk's office currently struggles with electrical issues and an inefficient layout, he continued.

"This will make for a much better working environment," he added.

The overhaul would cost approximately $50,000, Sanders explained, and the funds would come from various budgets. The price tag includes electrical work, carpentry and furnishings for four new workstations.

The village is able to buy some of the furnishings from Herman Miller, which offers a 70 percent discount to New York municipalities.

The renovation may also result in an upgraded clerk's counter (the one the public uses) and fire-proof cabinets to protect records. The village is looking at spending extra funds on green paint and carpet processes to make the project more environmentally-friendly, Sander said.

The construction would take an estimated four weeks, officials said. The project will be discussed again at the Sept. 9 Board meeting.


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