Orangetown: 34 Town Roads Still Closed

The Orangetown Highway Department has cleared all but 34 town roads, and is waiting for Orange & Rockland to clear those that remain.

The Orangetown Highway Department reports 34 town roads still closed at 37 locations as of Thursday evening.

Those do not include county and state roads that run through Orangetown.

Orangetown Highway Superintendent Jim Dean said that in every case, the town is waiting for Orange & Rockland to clear downed wires.

"If not (for waiting on O&R), we'd have it all cleared," Dean said. "We are waiting until we know there is no power in the lines (on the ground). We can't do anything unless we have a body there and it's some critical spots."

In addtion to going to work to clear roads after O&R has cleared downed or damaged wires, Orangetown Highway Department crews will do the work of clearing spots with an O&R employee present to just test the lines and be sure there is no power in them.

Dean said that the highway superintendents in Rockland County will meet with a vice president from O&R each morning until all of the roads are open.

The list of closed town roads in Orangetown as of Thursday night is as follows, with cross streets in parentheses.

Pearl River

  • Ablondi Road (Cara Drive)
  • Ablondi Road
  • Blauvelt Road (Alexa Court)
  • Bocket Road (Edsall Terrace and Sandra Lane)
  • Buchanan Street
  • Edsall Terrace (Rowan Road)
  • Ehrhardt Road (Rolfe and Strawberry)
  • Fillmore Street (Old Pascack)
  • Forest Avenue (Cardean Place)
  • Hovencamp Avenue (Between North Middletown and Highview Avenue)
  • North Serven Street (Jefferson Avenue to West Park)
  • Oriole Street (Sandra Lane)
  • Pinto Road
  • South William Street (Madison and Griffith)
  • South Pascack (Van Buren Street)
  • Villa Road (Casazza Place)


  • Blauvelt Road (Van Wyck Road)
  • East Road (Between Parkway Drive North and Klee Lane)
  • McKenna Street
  • Moehring Drive (Between Parkway Drive North and East Road)
  • Quaspec Road (Buttonwood Place)


  • Fifth Avenue (Sickletown Road)
  • Kings Highway


  • Swan Street
  • Indian Hill Lane (Horne Tooke Road)


  • Kings Highway (Princes Gate)
  • Rockland Road (three locations)
  • Union Avenue (Main Street)
  • William Street


  • Austin Avenue (Bauer Street)
  • Central Avenue
  • Hickory Hill Road (Sgt. Hartz Drive)
  • Newport Avenue (Washington Avenue)
Jeff November 02, 2012 at 01:21 AM
What about Nyack and Piermont?


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