Nyack Lifts Alcohol and Food Service Bans

Downtown Nyack can resume normal business operations.

Nyack Mayor Jen Laird-White announced Saturday morning that downtown Nyack can return to regular business starting on Saturday.

The announcement ends the ban on alcohol sales that started Wednesday night, and on Friday was changed to no alcohol sales after 10 p.m. Restaurants were also restricted from selling food after 10 p.m., which has also been lifted as of Saturday.

Laird-White said both restrictions were lifted Saturday because the street and traffic lights are back on.

“The state of emergency is still in effect, but as of 10:45 this morning, the downtown can resume normal business,” Laird-White said during her daily question and answer session with the public. “So you can all go get your drinks.”

One man in the crowd of 40-plus said, “I’m going to go now,” drawing laughter from those around him.

Laird-White said that when the village’s service-law agreement attorneys reviewed the actions, they concurred with the legality of the restrictions.

“It was a tremendous public safety issue,” Laird-White said. “We are so sorry for any inconvenience to the bars and I think we all need to get back to normal. You’ve all been awesome, and I’ll still be here everyday at 11. Until everybody’s got power I’m not going to stop, but life is starting to return to normal.”

"The Nyack Mayor and Board of Trustees are pleased to report that the Village is up and running for business as usual," according to the Nyack Chamber of Commerce. "Restaurants and bars are open, serving food and alcoholic beverages as they normally do. Most retail shops and banks are also open. Police Chief Nulty commends local businesses for their cooperation with emergency orders over the past few days. Officers on duty in the Village report that the environment is safe, and that assistance from the businesses is greatly appreciated." 



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