NY State: Government Reform to Aid Local Municipalities

Cesar Perales, Secretary of State of New York, detailed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan for New York. Check back with Patch for more on his presentation


Cesar Perales, Secretary of State of New York, detailed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan for New York. He presented a powerpoint and fielded questions at Ramapo Town Hall Monday night. He looked at several aspects from economic development to education standards.

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Cuomo's plans to improve government by enacting campaign finance reform. Currently, New York has:

  • The highest contribution limits among states that limit them at all.
  • The 3rd lowest rates of participation in campaigns (i.e., % of population that donates).
  • The current law: Disclosure can be 6 months to a year or in some cases never

Cuomo plans to enact the DISCLOSE NY plan, which would be the nation’s most aggressive disclosure law.

  • Would disclose all political and lobbying contributions within 48 hours
  • Political or lobbying contributions of more than $500 must be disclosed within 48 hours.
  • Any and all contributions to a PAC, lobbying 501(c)(3), other 501(c) organization, political committee, or political party over $500 must be disclosed within 48 hours, and within 24 hours near Election Day.

He's also looking to implement a Public Financing System based on the NYC model and lower contribution limits. For all state offices, even lower if candidate receives public financing. Limit donations to political parties and housekeeping accounts

Local governments, like the state, are facing financial difficulties. Cuomo is proposing a Financial Restructuring Assistance Program.

  • Joint taskforce: Comptroller, Attorney General, Division of Budget and private sector financial restructuring consultant.
  • Available to counties, cities, towns and villages.
  • Advice and assistance to restructure local finances.


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