Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner to Tour Indian Point

The Commissioner will meet with Riverkeeper representatives on the same day.

This Tuesday, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission notified Entergy that Comissioner William D. Magwood, IV, one of the five members of the presidentially appointed Commission that oversees the NRC, will tour on May 29.

The Commissioner's Legal Counsel wrote in the notice to Entergy:

The purpose of the Commissioner’s visit is to obtain a general familiarity with the facility. The Commissioner will not engage in any substantive discussion during the site visit about any of the issues that have been raised in the ongoing adjudicatory proceeding for the renewal of the operating license for Indian Point.

On the same date, Commissioner Magwood will also meet with representatives of Riverkeeper. This meeting will focus on issues of general concern to Riverkeeper and will not include any substantive discussion of contested issues.

The Commission to which Magwood belongs will have the ultimate NRC say on Entergy's license renewal application. 

John Taggart May 24, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Bad idea NRC, bad idea Magwood your giving credibility to the riverkeeper, a self appointed group supported by people who disregard science, snicker and laugh at people with different opinions at meetings, will say anything to sway a undecided person, and if all else fails file frivolous lawsuits. For them its about political power not the river. Please reconsider. Having said that Mr. Magwood I to am in favor ,to a degree, of shutting the reactors down. They draw too much water to fast to protect the fish, but only if the fuel source is changed to natural gas 1 reactor at a time and the plant stays.
HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller May 26, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Will the Commissioner [also] bring The United Nations with him when he arrives for the "inspection" or is he coming alone? ( jOKE!) LOL! What exactly is the Role of This "Appointed Commissioner" [By The Way]! The Nucear Facilities needs to be manned by the Office of The Joints Chief Of Staff of The Armed Forces of The United States of America! Just follow-up from The Dessert Strom to the Vaction of Iraq! What did the "appointments did" actually; With regards to "US Sensitive Matters" The Army must do and Maintain It's Own Intellegence with the FBI [ a legal structure relationship] needs to be put in place for Our National Interests and It's Safeguard. Trust is disappearing with Private Sector MUSROOMING accross the Country as "Defence Contrators"! It's imparative to figure out what exactly are "these contrators doing"! Very important factor in Our National Health and Daily Life! I am Habib Hasan and this is my expert opinion. HABIBHASAN-An American Storyteller


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