Local Legislators Comment on Proposed State Budget

Both legislative houses working on 2012-2013 spending plan


Both houses of the state legislature are currently working on their versions of the 2012-2013 budget.  The state Assembly released details of the Assembly's 2012-13 budget proposal of $132.7 billion. Assembly leaders described the plan to close an estimated $3.5 billion gap as being done in “a prudent and responsible manner” that also demonstrates their commitment to increase health and education spending for the coming fiscal year. 

Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski said it is important the Assembly’s budget proposal increases school aid and that efforts continue to pass an on-time budget. 

"The Assembly proposal includes an additional $178 million in Foundation aid to help our schools provide a quality education to our children as well as a $40.3 million increase in aid to SUNY community colleges,” he said. 

Senator David Carlucci spoke about specific incentives to help the economy grow which are included in the proposed 2012-2013 State Senate budget.

“Similar to the Hire Veterans Now Act legislation I introduced last year, the proposed legislation included would allow small businesses to be offered a tax incentive of up to $10,000 for providing a job opportunity to an unemployed veteran,” he said. “Under this plan, seniors on low and fixed incomes will see their prescription drug prices reduced with the restoration of the EPIC program.  Ratepayers will no longer be forced to pay yearly increases in their utility bills through the repeal of the 18a assessment.  Mandate relief and real savings will be provided to public libraries, towns, and villages from having to pay the onerous MTA payroll tax.”

Mike Hirsch March 13, 2012 at 04:10 PM
I would like for our two new, young state representatives to show some political courage and co-author a bill to repeal the Triborough Amendment. Their seats are safe, so what's stopping them? I think that they would agree that the Triborough Amendment costs us billions of dollars a year. If they really want to make a difference for most NY state taxpayers, let them tackle that issue.


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