Legislators Back Bill Limiting Benefits To Foreign Energy Suppliers

Legislators Ed Day, Douglas Jobson and Jay Hood support State Senate bill limiting usage of eminent domain


Rockland County Legislators Ed Day, Douglas J. Jobson and Jay Hood co-sponsored a memorializing resolution in support of NYS Senate Bill #S7391. The Senate bill would limit the use of eminent domain to activities that maximize benefit to New York State. Primarily, the legislation targets proposed energy transmission lines that would assist entities outside the United States by providing them with eminent domain benefits.

In particular the legislators are concerned about the Champlain Hudson Power Express Project, would produce energy in Canada and create a line to deliver it to areas within New York State. The project, proposed by Transmission Developers, Inc. was the subject of a public last week and another is scheduled for November.

By limiting the use of eminent domain, the proposed legislation would promote greater economic development for companies and locales within the state and Rockland County, by encouraging power generation within New York. They believe preserving the use of waterways and rights-of-way for the sole use of companies within the state would create jobs in the energy and construction sectors, provide tax benefits to local municipalities and the state, and ensure a safer and more secure energy supply for its future.

“The North Rockland Community has a long history and familiarity with energy operations and supply to the region," said Hood. "The siting and review process is onerous and protective for a variety of reasons. To think that a foreign corporation could usurp the production of local power diminishing our tax base is unacceptable.”  

Jobson spoke out against the possiblity of a foreign-owned corporation controlling the state's power.

“Why would we entertain a power line that is owned by a foreign entity?” asked Jobson. “We have a water company owned by the French and now this proposal from another foreign source. We cannot afford to place the control of our power system in the hands of a foreign entity.” 

The legislators said the pending legislation would provide more opportunities to utilize the Lovett and Bowline plants in North Rockland, and transform them into the primary energy sources for the region. Retrofitting those plants would lead to employment and tax opportunities that would benefit the county. 

“This overly simplistic approach allowing eminent domain to cut a swath through North Rockland in order to bring power to New York City defies any sense of logic, particularly when that very same community has a ready ability to develop existing local facilities that would bring in permanent jobs and ratables here,” said Day. "Enacting this legislation would force the matter to be fairly reviewed, and I am wholeheartedly in support of that.”

The memorializing resolution calls on the State Senate to pass the proposal, the Assembly to pass an identical version in its chamber, and for the governor to sign it into law.

Andromachos October 28, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Next step, get the anti-industry NY government to allow new in-state power generation. Good luck.
elaine October 28, 2012 at 04:57 PM
thank you, thank you, thank you.. now let's get it through
Susan Filgueras October 28, 2012 at 11:52 PM
The Champlain Hudson Power Express is using Rockland as a highway, their goal is to reach NYC and there insatiable electric needs. CHPE will use Eminent Domain where ever they need to (on tape- Town Board meeting June 26, 2012) including the Waldron Revolutionary War Cemetery, private homes and the Haverstraw Little League fields, under the pitchers mound. CHPE's parent Blackstone was the financial advisor to Mirant when they bankrupted. CHPE/ Blackstone's commitment is to their shareholders, CANADIANS! Yes CHPE is a Canadian owned Company! Rockland does not need this transmission line. There are no jobs, or growth opportunity.


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