Legislators Approved Amended 2013 Budget

The voted passed 10-7

The Rockland County Legislature voted 10-7 in favor of an amended budget for 2013 which restored jobs and programs originally cut in the county executive’s proposed budget.

The legislators also voted to override the real property tax levy limit 14-3, as the budget contains an 18 percent increase in property taxes.

The altered budget came from the Budget & Finance Committee. Legislator Ilan Schoenberger, chair of the committee, went over how they restored the jobs and programs Tuesday night at the full legislature meeting. He said the legislators worked with Rockland County Sheriff Lou Falco, who consented to reductions to jail overtime, Sheriff’s Patrol overtime and jail relief. Schoenberger said the legislators also reduced the sales tax reserve and county legislative contingency budget.

The cuts totaled $7,585,838, and the legislators used that for about $6,169,000 in restorations for things like the mosquito control program, four mounted patrol positions, five positions in the Sheriff’s Patrol, as well as security guards, food service staff in the jail and laundry service employees. Additionally, the legislators made an adjustment of $486,000 called the COBRA Adjustment, which removed that figure from revenue in the 2013 budget because the legislators have to take that money and pay it to Empire, so it’s not a real revenue, according to Schoenberger.

That left the legislators with $1,416,665, which they voted to put in an account not to be touched unless it’s absolutely needed.

Mary December 05, 2012 at 10:05 AM
We could save $2,383,030 if we get rid of the legislature.
Cal Mendelsohn December 05, 2012 at 01:34 PM
A sad day for Rockland. This legislature will neer override a Vanderhoef Veto, which seems a likely event.
steve December 06, 2012 at 12:54 AM
This is more than criminal , it is lack of leadership and shows us how inept our so called lawmakers are. They do not have the money, but in their wisdom they keep on spending. It is my opinion they have no Moral fiber. They are scarred to stand up to the sheriffs office because of a contract, while hiding behind the statement we are Rockland and that is what we do. Meanwhile they have Broken the biggest promise of all, which is to look after the people in Rockland. What they are doing is pushing Rocland toward bankruptcy and then they can take their contracts and pensions and shove them out the window. Fellows look at all the counties that have been forced into this position . It's time to be creative not pig headed and push this off to have it rubber stamped .How would they like the tax payers to hire forensic accountants and look at their finances while in office. I feel we would find out plenty . Sweetheart deals, Patronage. It is time for us to standup and vote them out.


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