Hurricane Sandy: Don't Rush to Rake Your Leaves

Leaf piles can add to problems related to big storm.

If you're planning on rushing today or tomorrow to rake the leaves that have fallen on your property because of the approach of Hurricane Sandy, local highway department officials suggest waiting until after the storm.

Clarkstown Highways Superintendent Wayne Ballard said this morning that many Clarkstown residents have been rushing to rake leaves. However, Ballard said those leaf piles could lead to clogged storm drains and worsen hazardous driving conditions.

Ballard urges town residents to hold off creating new leaf piles, and he urges that anyone who does rake their leaves to keep them away from roads and storm drains.

Additionally, Ballard said the town has not yet started its annual leaf pick up program.

"Wait until after the storm," Ballard urged.

Additionally, Ballard urged residents to check leaf piles to make sure they have spilled into the street, where they could clog catch basins.

Rob October 28, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Just crunch up the leave with a lawn mower---Go over it twice.....and in the spring your lawn would look beautiful and all the leaf crumbs will be gone...Nature's fertilizer and perhaps Wayne Ballard should encourage all to do this....


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