Flying Pig Chefs Eye Chappaqua Train Station for New Restaurant

Town will put out a request for proposals to consider options for the historic building.

The chefs who worked at The Flying Pig in Mount Kisco are interested in leasing the Chappaqua train station to open a new restaurant, New Castle Supervisor Susan Carpenter told town board members at their Tuesday work session.

The interest in starting a new venture is not surprising. When was announced in December, its demise was not signalled as a permanent one because Chef Leslie Sutter expressed interest in opening a new place. Sutter also has the rights to use The Flying Pig name in a new operation, according to a Jan. 3. story from The Examiner on the restaurant's closure. Meanwhile, remnant of The Flying Pig still exists in the form of a food service operation at the Mount Kisco Medical Group's property.

Should the eatery open at the Chappaqua train station, it would be an eatery coming full circle. The Flying Pig operated inside the Mount Kisco train station for years, before moving to its final location on Lexington Avenue.

The interest comes at a time when New Castle officials are looking to get a tenant to lease the building, most of which has not been actively used since the Metro-North ticket window . A small portion of the building is currently leased by Cafe La Track, which serves food and drinks to morning commuters. However, it appears that it could potentially be displaced, as Carpenter explained the town is looking to lease the whole station.

The Flying Pig's former workers will not be the only ones to get a shot of the station, which according to the New Castle Historical Society, was built in 1902. The town plans to put out a request for proposals (RFP), according to Carpenter, to invite possible tenants. There will be requirements for any tenant who signs, including that morning coffee service be maintained and bathrooms be kept open.

“We had said we would see who else is interested but we’ll, you know, see if there are other people out there," she said. The supervisor previously before New Castle's League of Women Voters chapter.

However, repairs to the station's floor and sewer area will be done. This should take a couple of months, said Town Administrator Penny Paderewski.

“I think the timing’s right to put it all together," Paderewski said about preparing to put out an RFP.

IS IT JUST ME? April 05, 2012 at 03:01 PM
The proposed restaurant is visible and within no more than thirty seconds drive from Exit 32 on the Saw Mill River Parkway. This is hardly difficult to "navigate" as you posit, unless you cannot see well, and then perhaps you should reconsider whether you should be driving a car to a restaurant in the first place.
James Wilson April 05, 2012 at 03:53 PM
I miss the trains. As long as it is a "lease" there will still be some hope that the trains will again return. Across America, these beautiful train stations are now being used for most everything but it's intended use. There is no reason not to keep them in use and well maintained. Some day America will wake up to $10.00/gallon gas and decide they want their trains back.
BRS April 08, 2012 at 11:28 PM
We miss The Flying Pig!!!!! This would be awesome!!!
Harriet Blumencranz April 09, 2012 at 02:27 PM
The Flying Pig has always been one of my favorite restaurants. Being in a train station again would be charming. One thing I worry about in a busy suburban train station is parking, especially at lunch time. Will that be a problem? Harriet Blumencranz
Maximus April 10, 2012 at 11:06 AM
It's great news that the chef of Flying Pig is considering this space... It's a perfect fit & Westchester will finally have the best food restaurant open for everyone to enjoy


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