Temporary FEMA Center to Open in Stony Point

So far in Rockland, 2,981 have been registered with FEMA and 291 have visited the DRCs. Below are more "FEMA by the Numbers." FEMA’s Frequently Asked Questions and safety tips are attached to this post as PDFs


The deadline to apply for FEMA assistance and SBA loans has been extended from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31. The Rockland Disaster Recovery Center will closing at Provident Bank Park in Pomona on Friday, but FEMA reps will be at the Fire Training Center in Pomona until Dec. 31. However, this center will not open until Monday.

Until then, a mobile Disaster Recovery Center has opened for the next three days in Stony Point. The Center is at the corner of East Main Street and Beach Road opposite River View Park.

This Center will be housed in a heated tent and be open Friday, Dec. 7 through Sunday, Dec. 9 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The Center closes at 6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 9.

"Survivors of Hurricane Sandy can visit these Centers to talk to a representative of FEMA face-to-face, follow up on their applications and have their questions answered," said Nate Custer, FEMA Public Information Officer of Westchester and Rockland Counties. "FEMA staff members at the Center can also help people register who have not already done so."

The SBA (Small Business Administration) will also have representatives on hand to help survivors, both homeowners and renters, fill out applications for low interest disaster recovery loans and explain how the process works.

FEMA by the Numbers

  • FEMA dollars approved statewide for individuals & households: almost 3/4 of a billion dollars ($749,476,846)
  • Statewide FEMA registrations for Hurricane Sandy damage: almost a quarter of a million (246,948) 
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) low-interest disaster recovery loans approved for individuals: more than $96 million ($96,306,200)

"(We're) anticipated to reach that $100 Million amount no later than tomorrow," said Robert E. Galassi, Public Affairs Specialist for SBA's Office of Disaster Assistance. "We are here to help the many folks recover from the Disaster and attempt to get them back to normal, as much as possible. FEMA and SBA are here to help, but folks have to submit the necessary info to allow that to happen."

The following numbers as the totals through Dec. 5

County County Registration DRC Visits No. of DRCs Westchester 5,098 766 n/a Rockland 2,981 491 2 Orange 761 58 2 Sullivan 437 9 DRC was open for 3 days Putnum 302 0 No DRC Ulster 218 9 DRC just opened 12/4

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