Democrats Lead in State Supreme Court Race

State Supreme Court seats carry 14-year terms.

Democrats Gerald Loehr, Maria Rosa and Sandra Sciortino were leading in Westchester County as of 2 a.m. Wednesday in the race for state Supreme Justice in the 9th Judicial District..

The three are going up against Republican candidates Noreen Calderin, John La Cava and John Chu. La Cava, who has served on the Supreme Court since 1999, was the only incumbent running in this year’s race.

Rory Lancman, who represented the Working Families Party, lagged behind the other six candidates with one percent of the vote.

The seats carry a 14-year term and a salary of $136,700. The Ninth Judicial District covers Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland and Westchester counties. Check below for the latest tally from the county as 2 a.m.

                         SUPREME COURT JUSTICE       VOTE-FOR-THREE     PARTY 782 Districts out of   967 Reporting (80)% Votes Percent DEM GERALD E LOEHR 140,945 20% WOR GERALD E LOEHR 6,091 1% IND GERALD E LOEHR 4,872 1%   GERALD E LOEHR  Totals 151,908 22% DEM MARIA ROSA 146,353 21% CON MARIA ROSA 11,366 2% WOR MARIA ROSA 6,389 1% IND MARIA ROSA 4,488 1%   MARIA ROSA  Totals 168,596 24% DEM SANDRA SCIORTINO 133,796 19% REP NOREEN CALDERIN 73,460 10% CON NOREEN CALDERIN 10,225 1%   NOREEN CALDERIN  Totals 83,685 12% REP CARL CHU 66,141 9% REP JOHN LA CAVA 79,223 11% CON JOHN LA CAVA 10,060 1% IND JOHN LA CAVA 4,296 1%   JOHN LA CAVA  Totals 93,579 13% WOR RORY I LANCMAN 5,309 1%   Office Totals


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