County Executive Vanderhoef Cuts Own Salary By 5 Percent

Vanderhoef announced Thursday night he was reducing his salary $7,754.

As Rockland County government continues to struggle with a growing deficit, County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef announced Thursday evening that he was voluntarily reducing his annual salary by five percent.

Vanderhoef acknowledged even though the county legislature has voted to support his proposed contingenecy budget, additional financial reductions must be made.

 Vanderhoef earns $155,087 annually, the reduction will cut that by $7,754.

“This will not heal our budgetary wounds, but I want to lead by example," Vanderhoef said. "This gesture will hopefully encourage others to take similar steps to help the County deal with our serious financial woes."

He went onto to say that the credit agencies are watching the county closely. Moody's Investors Service . Vanderhoef said he hoped his action would signal to Moody's "that we are ready and willing to make difficult financial decisions.”

Part of Vanderhoef's plan for cutting the included the elimination of 150 jobs across departments. Other measures were the creation of a tax on utility usage and community college chargebacks to towns and villages for residents attending community colleges outside Rockland and fees for Board of Elections services. 

Think4urself June 03, 2012 at 09:43 PM
jrod -Don't you think Vanderhoef gave the CSEA and law enforcement unions, for example, anything they wanted in order for their support in his elections? Where do these public service unions get their raises and pensions from- the taxpayer. The unions and medicaid have put Rockland County in almost junk bond status. Haven't you seen the obscene salaries the Clarkstown police make? Is there really a need for the Sheriff's Department in this fiscal crisis? Rockand could save a significant amount of money if they combined police departments and utilized a County Police.
INTHEKNOW June 03, 2012 at 09:55 PM
What does the Clarkstown or other town police salaries have to do with the county finances? They have nothing to do with each other? County Police???? You can't trust this county to run a hospital, a sewer department or fix a road... and you want to turn over law enforcement to them? No thanks, I'll keep my local police. When I want a cop I don't want them coming from Spring Valley or running errands for the Monsey cult.
Think4urself June 03, 2012 at 10:15 PM
You should change your screen name to "IDON"TKNOW" because your blogs are convoluted and illogical.
jrod June 03, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Think4urself - The police have different unions - it's not the CSEA that gets them what they want - it's mostly the PBA. All county positions do not have the same contracts or unions/benefits. CSEA people being laid off have NOT gotten raises. And they are NOT asking for any. Medicaid rates are because of Ramapo. Statistics available online. This has nothing to do with CSEA employees who will lose jobs. Agreed that Sheriff is duplication of services and police have obscene pay ...what I'm saying is they did not lose their jobs... Falco brought positions to the table for "lay offs". Those positions were absorbed by the Spring Valley Police. Yes it's a town - but town budgets ARE supported by county - your tax dollars support your town budgets too. Junk bond status WAS NOT caused by union or Medicaid. Your county officials put revenue into budget for years that WAS NOT REAL MONEY. And Commissioners are Exec's appointees who are not held accountable for fiscal irresponsibility either. It's not fair to accuse union workers who have worked hard and DO contribute - they took low wages in exchange for better benefits. Many DO pay into their benefits - and are willing to pay more. Why is it on the backs of the little people...corporate greed in the public sector?? Union workers pay taxes too. if you or I did not chose to work for the public sector what gives us the right to point fingers at the laid off people now when it's not thier fault that the county is broke?
jrod June 03, 2012 at 10:38 PM
INTHEKNOW - I'm not really sure what you're talking about. Are you reading these blogs correctly? Not sure why you think that the county finaces have nothing to do with the police salaries either. Ultimately it's all one pot of tax dollars at the end of the day. The stte owes the county 42 million...the county is broke...they charge back stuf to the towns.... Sh** rolls down hill. Our state is broke. So is the US Gov.


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