Clarkstown Town Hall Security Upgrades Approved

Bond resolution okayed for $85,000 in safety improvements.


The Clarkstown Town Board approved a bond resolution for $85,000 of security improvements at town hall. At the Tuesday night meeting, Supervisor Alex Gromack explained the safety upgrades include security cameras, door locks, panic buttons in offices, ID cards, key fobs and enhanced computer security.

Gromack estimated it would take three months from when equipment orders are placed until everything is installed and operational. He said there would be additional security cameras placed in town hall that will feed into the police department monitors and a loudspeaker system for use in emergencies. Police Chief Michael Sullivan said development of an emergency procedure manual was also part of the upgrade.

Last week officials launched Clarkstown Ready, an emergency communications notification system for residents and businesses.

is this price also including the forklift trucks needed to move some of the people in case of a dire emergency? like they are late for lunch?at least it would be cool to see a forklift truck with flashing lights and sirens !!!!!!!
and will the panic buttons be directly connected to the local fast food places?
Watchdog December 06, 2012 at 01:52 AM
A 30 year bond for 5 year useful life equipment? Who knows? They did not disclose.
Watchdog December 06, 2012 at 02:04 AM
I wonder if Gromack is still paying off on bonds for which we no longer have the asset? I tried to get this information a while ago but the FOIL. was denied. When I appealed it was also denied by the Foil Appeal Officer.....ALEX GROMACK. Can you believe it? I can.
stephany December 06, 2012 at 02:45 AM
Foil Appeal Officer.....ALEX GROMACK. Can you believe it? I can. i can't, gromack don't go to the toilet without consulting amy mele. they can't try a case 'cause they are too busy monitoring gromack. my guess and it is a guess which is allowed is amy mele revues all foil requests imo,definitely appeals she give thunmb up or down then tells gromack what to do


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