Clarkstown Officials Encourage Residents to Shop Downtowns

Revitalized downtowns offer shops, restaurants and chance to meet up with friends


Supervisor Alex Gromack and Councilwoman Stephanie Hausner announce the Town of Clarkstown has joined others in naming Saturday, November 24, 2012 as ‘Small Business Saturday’, a day where everyone comes together to support small businesses and preserve neighborhood character.  Some local retailers in Clarkstown will have promotions to coincide with “Small Business Saturday."

“Revitalizing our downtown shopping areas has had a significant and beneficial impact on our Town,” said Gromack.  “Our residents love the new look and the vitality that these projects have brought to their hamlets. In addition to serving as vibrant small business centers, with neighborhood shops owned and operated by local merchants, the downtown centers are a meeting place for residents who understand the importance of supporting our local small business owners and operators. It has been a positive investment for shop keepers and residents.”

Hausner said now is a great opportunity to get out and about the downtown areas and the importance of residents keeping their dollars in town by utilizing the 'downtowns' should not be underestimated.  

“While it is difficult for the small business owner to compete with the larger box stores, there is no replacing that 'neighborly' touch and friendly service you get when you shop locally and no denying that a dollar spent here in Clarkstown will do far more for our communities than a dollar spent someplace else,” said Hausner.

The downtowns help to bring the community together.

“So many of our local businesses were hit hard during Hurricane Sandy and many others opened their doors to neighbors, friends and customers during their time of need,” said Hausner.  “That type of service shows how important our local businesses are to our community.”

Hausner added, “As work continues on the second phase of New City revitalization and we begin to look at plans for West Nyack we recognize these local businesses not just on ‘Small Business Saturday’, but all year.”

Orlando Alberto Franklin November 27, 2012 at 01:47 AM
Orlando Alberto Franklin November 27, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Orlando Alberto Franklin November 27, 2012 at 01:53 AM
Nanuet around the Middletown Road area going towards Pearl River...I"m sure everyone knows that area with the 40 finger nail shops around with a bunch of hair salons & barber shops...lol definitely need an uplift with more shops on that strip even though there will be a new mall...I love my old folks in Nanuet but some of you need to move to Florida to getsome sunlight lol...this area of Nanuet shows its age with things that stay the same that hasn't change..
heres a thought,,after viewing some of the pictures of some in clowntown....maybe a few could rent santa suits and parade up and down main street!!!!!!ho ho ho!!!!!!just make sure that they stay on the sidewalks we dont want cars having to swerve!!!!!ho ho ho merry holidays......ho ho ho......
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