Clarkstown Highway Monitoring Road Conditions

Change from light snow to sleet requires treatment for roads, especially elevated and hilly streets.


Clarkstown Highway Superintendent Wayne Ballard said the Friday’s light snowfall played a role in preparing the roads for today’s dusting of snow.  He said the treatment that remained on the roads from Friday’s half inch or less benefitted the town this morning.

“All of that worked for us for the first part of the snow,” he said. 

As conditions began changing to sleet and freezing rain before midday Monday, Ballard said crews were sent out. Around 10:30 a.m., he noted trucks were applying salt near the.

“We’re applying a round of salt right now which should get us through the rush hour,” he said.

Ballard said hilly and elevated streets like Mountainview Ave and parts of Central Nyack and those with heavy traffic flow were among the areas targeted for treatment first.

Whether the slippery conditions will continue through the evening depends upon the temperature.  Ballard said there could be black ice if the expected rain washes away the salt and then the temperature drops below freezing. 

The department’s snow removal budget remains in good shape.  Ballard said there has not been any big snowstorms so far that required major plowing. He characterized this season’s winter weather as bringing “nuisance storms.”

The National Weather Service issued a Winter Weather Advisory until 1 a.m. on Tuesday.  It warns that the expected one inch of snow, several hundredths of an inch of ice and temperatures hovering around freezing could cause dangerous driving conditions. Any ice that forms is expected to remain until daybreak Tuesday.



we may be in trouble now@@@their budget has excess money in it???they may hire another 10 or so of their friends to do phones calls!!!
Watchdog January 28, 2013 at 08:27 PM
I am more concerned about the SLIPPERY SPARACO. than the slippery streets. Maybe we can salt him and he will disappear?
isnt that part of the job description???part timer needed to answer phone calls in case of extreme weather,,,wait the office isnt in florida? so he can work under less stress??????
Brian January 28, 2013 at 08:44 PM
Yawn. Come up with something new please...
this job is similiar to one like this..'wanted traffic director to help ducks cross a dirt road" location..utah....while this job is part time it is very critcal so that ducks and their families and flocks will have the needed protection to shield them from possible people who ride dirt bikes ..it is only part time...but may require untold hours if the ducks breed and have large families!!!!!open to all friends and buddies of the quacks


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