Stony Point Resident Shoots Black Bear During Family Barbecue

A black bear would not leave the property where children and other family members were gathered.

A Stony Point resident hosting a family barbecue shot a black bear he deemed a threat to his guests when the bear would not leave his property Saturday afternoon. 

The incident took place at approximately 1 p.m. at 567 Willow Grove Road, Stony Point Police Sgt. John Wood told Patch. Guests, including children, were outside when the bear came onto the property and at the time of the shooting, but police did not know how many.

"The bear came onto his property in close proximity to his guests and was not shooing away," said Sgt. Wood. "He took matters into his own hands."

The homeowner, Richard Wheeler, used a rifle to shoot the bear, which died at the scene. The Department of Environmental Conservation arrived at the home and "found everything to be fine," said Sgt. Wood. A DEC represtentative was not available for an interview at the time of publication.

The DEC released the bear to Wheeler, who declined a phone interview with Patch regarding the incident.

The Willow Grove Road home is located in a relatively low density, wooded area close to Harriman State Park. 

Several bear sightings in the Hudson Valley region have been reported recently. Earlier this June, black bears were spotted in New Castle and at . The

"Any time people come in contact with a bear, call the police," advised Sgt. Wood. "Try not to go near a bear."

Carolyn July 03, 2012 at 11:58 PM
I am shocked and up hauled to read some of these comment people in this community have made. I just know that I can't believe for a moment that this man did this to show off or to get a bear rug! The thought of him having to make a decision like he did must of been traumatic, what is wrong with all of you? It is beyond my comprehension!
Carolyn July 04, 2012 at 12:06 AM
Sorry to disagree,but I have heard of attacks on people and animals of small size like dogs. If you think there has not been a attack on humans or or other animals in hundreds of years, you live under a rock. NOT true. Campers have been attacked many times and camp grounds destroyed by bears in a matter of seconds. I know we pay our police a lot of money but I don't think a couple of seconds is in the job description or getting bears away from peoples back yards. They would of had to call animal control who then would have to contact wildlife authorities, by then who knows what the outcome could of been. Please try to keep the comments serious if you must make one.
Clarkstown life July 04, 2012 at 12:54 AM
'up hauled'......I am too
Carolyn July 04, 2012 at 12:53 PM
@ Clarkstown Life, you are just the kind of person I am talking about, I wrote my comment in quick frustration last evening and realized I misspelled appalled but knew my point would be understood. It didn't take you long to make another negative comment to a person. My misspelled word is not the topic here! Clarkstown Life you need a life! It's a shame you couldn't wait to post a comment like that. Have a nice Day :)
Jorge July 06, 2012 at 12:59 AM
For the people who say why wasnt he arrested for discharging a firearm in Rockland? Cronyism and nepotism run deep within his family, the incestuous dirty political circle of "old" Stony Point.


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