Security Guard Stabbed at Nanuet Mall

Clarkstown Police are investigating. If you have information or saw something suspicious that could be connected, call Clarkstown police at 845-639-5800

Clarkstown Police are investigating the stabbing of a security guard late Wednesday by the booth near the Macy's upper level parking lot at Nanuet Mall.

The security guard was taken to Nyack Hospital. Police on the scene said they did not know the extent of his injuries. 

Police at the scene confirmed that the suspect was a black male wearing a gray shirt and black pants and that he most likely fled on foot.

The incident was reported at 11:01 p.m. Wednesday. The Clarkstown PD Crime Scene Unit is investigating. No more details were available as of midnight.

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Joan McDaniel August 12, 2012 at 06:12 PM
I'm sorry to hear this. I hope the officer is ok. When I saw the headline my mind wandered off and I found myself thinking of the Brinks Robbery of 1981 by the Weather Underground. New York street with brownstones (AP) http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/terrorists_spies/terrorists/brinks/1.html Joan http://coconutcreamcare.com
jrod August 16, 2012 at 12:58 AM
Listen...it doesn't even appear that this was a robbery at all. The guy asked for a cigarette - and stabbed the officer when he didn't get one. Sounds more like back ward behavior - and from his description - backpack and all - that's probably the case. Crazy things will be less likely to occur when people admit there are crazy people that live here - many without treatment. And services are drastically cut every day. Medication DOES work. A support system for mentally ill and homeless also work. But in a split second - things go wrong when supports are taken away. No excuse for the guy that did it. Just pointing out a serious reality that nobody ever wants to address. Especially not in Clarkstown. This guy is still out there. And many others just like him.
Joan McDaniel August 16, 2012 at 01:19 AM
When you have idle people on SSN or Welfare or what ever government hand out, they have nothing else to do. This guy like the rest of them probably have so many free drugs given to them they just expect it. If they are not given drugs they use what money they get from Daddy Gov. to get it. When they want something iike maybe as simple as a cigarette they expect to get it. Especially if they are classified as a victim by society. Welcome to CA anyone?
jrod August 16, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Wow. While I agree that there certainly are people who take advantage of our system - I'm also aware that there are people who need Social Security and "welfare". BTW - the current "welfare" payment to a single individual is $149 per month - and $302 paid directly to the landlord for housing. Not much to buy drugs from Daddy Gov. Many people are victims of their mental illness - which is real - in addition to society's lack of understanding for what really goes on in their world. Much like yourself Joan.. And if it were drugs the guy wanted...he wouldve asked for money - not a cigarette. But...don't mistake my comments as condoning what the guy did. It's still a horrible crime. It makes me wonder how you would react if you had no home, no money, no supports and no medical treatment. We ALL have the potential to be just like "the rest of them" at any given time. And there used to be programs - things to keep people from being "idle". It's called treatment. But Daddy Gov. doesn't think it's important so these services faded away. You can thank Daddy. Welcome to Rockland. Where your local county budget is a Ponzi scheme.
Joan McDaniel August 16, 2012 at 07:09 AM
Agree with the Ponzi scheme and the local government's inability to be effective. I'm an LPN nurse I work in a nursing home. It seems now all we get are the homeless who go from one home to another. Normally they are on a high dosage of Pain pills. These pills are very addictive and mentally crippling. They are just part of the system. I had the joy of seeing one break free. He is now working, has a small apartment and broke the cycle. I guess that was what I was talking about. The welfare system here in Rockland or where I work in Westchester just pushes the problem around. It is distressing because once some of these people were only down on their luck. Now they are just part of the system no one cares about or whats to do anything about.


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