Police Warn About Pre-Paid Debit Card Scams

Police warn residents to be wary of people calling them on the phone and demanding they pay outstanding bills with pre-paid debit cards.

Clarkstown Police report a Nanuet resident was victimized in a pre paid debit card scam on Friday. A man claiming to be with the IRS called the 71-year-old woman and told she had to pay an outstanding debt immediately or else she would be arrested.

The male scammer told the woman to buy nine pre-paid Green Dot MoneyPak cards and then call him back with the cards’ PIN number.  After he called her again that day and told her to pay more money, the woman called police.

Clarkstown police warn residents not to send money in any form to anyone who contacts them by phone and claims to be with an agency. They also should not send money to people they do not know. Residents should call their local police department, which will investigate whether the phone solicitation is a scam.

This is the second fraud involving prepaid cards that occurred in Rockland recently. Last week, Orange & Rockland issued a warning about a scheme with people claiming to be utility representatives told customers they had to pay an outstanding bill or their service would be shut off. The victims were also told to buy Green Dot MoneyPak cards and provide card information over the phone.

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