Police Say Judge Gerber Has Impeded Nadell Investigation

Clarkstown police officials issued this statement:

The Clarkstown Police Department is still aggressively investigating the homicide of Peggy Nadell.  The primary focus and goal of the investigation is to determine who killed Peggy Nadell and to bring that person or persons to justice. 

The case is a sensitive matter and to release specific details about the investigation may compromise the outcome.  Therefore, the Clarkstown Police Department will not be distracted by reports which take away from the focus of the investigation, including reports of Clarkstown Town Justice Howard Gerber’s actions.  

Chief Sullivan said, “I find it troubling that Judge Gerber has chosen to involve himself in this investigation, and I have referred this matter to the State Commission on Judicial Misconduct for their review.  Should Judge Gerber’s actions rise to the level of criminal conduct or not is a question that is currently being reviewed in conjunction with the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office.  However, the complete focus and goal of the Clarkstown Police Department is to identify and bring to justice those responsible for the death of Mrs. Peggy Nadell, a goal that we feel has been seriously impeded by the actions of Judge Gerber."

As information becomes available that will not impede the progress of the case they will be released accordingly, otherwise we decline to speak about specific investigatory details at this time.

Buster February 12, 2014 at 11:57 PM
If you want a good understanding of the credibility of these charges realize the Clarkstown Police said the tip off "put their officers in danger". If you knew Susie Nadell you would know how ridiculous and embarrassing for the accuser a suggestion that is. Captious Cathy should realize that the statement "she fell on the knife" is not automatically incriminating. If a daughter thought her mother was an unlikely victim of an unlikely crime in an unlikely place like Applewood shock can cause vocalization of the psychological denial process. My mother couldn't be murdered, she had to have fallen on the knife. It will be interesting to learn what was compromised.
Gene February 13, 2014 at 10:06 AM
As stated in the Journal News on Feb 11,2014. In a subsequent memo sent to Clarkstown police officers on Feb 4, Police Chief Michael Sullivan also wrote that Gerber, "effective immediately is no longer authorized in any secure areas of the police department. In my almost three decades in law enforcement I have never seen or heard judges being granted unlimited access to police stations. I believe there is a separation between law enforcement and the judicial system! But again this is Clarkstown where the rules do not apply!
Laurence Voss March 10, 2014 at 08:36 PM
What is it that Judge Gerber is accused of ? Some specifics would help instead of cryptic comments by the PD. The fact that the family members sought counsel means nothing. Anyone approached by police as a " person of interest " would be well advised to consult a lawyer...stupid not to in fact. To consider these people guilty of anything at this point is nonsense. Let's hear a fact or two before jumping to conclusions.


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