Piermont Police: Stay Off the Pier

Piermont Police ask people to stay clear of both the Piermont Pier and the North Shore Walkway, which are still unsafe, as the cleanup from Hurricane Sandy continues.

Piermont Police stopped a pedestrian heading onto the Piermont Pier Thursday despite the signs warning that it is still closed.

"He said to the officer, 'I passed the sign because I didn't see a date on it," Piermont Police Chief Michael O'Shea said.

Piermont Pier and the North Shore Walkway both remain closed, as they have been since the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. 

"Piermont Pier is closed," O'Shea said. "The highway superintendent had to install fencing because people were disobeying. We had a very large sign that said no pedestrians. It's hazardous. There is still debris. The road has not been deemed safe, so the pier and Ferry Road are closed until further notice."

O'Shea said when the pier reopens, it will be very clear. The signs and police tape will be gone and the gates will be open.

O'Shea added that the business district and the rest of the village is open outside of those two locations as more and more businesses reopen.

One ongoing issue during the recovery is onlookers getting in the way of the cleanup effort. 

"We had to increase officers on duty to protect people from injury and to protect the recovery and rescue workers from onlookers who were walking behind bucket loaders or in front of dump trucks," O'Shea said. "We had one or two stepping on big nails. We really want to protect them, too."

Another potential issue is making sure residents use reputable contractors. O'Shea said the police are still investigating one incident in which a contractor was accused due to a missing valuable piece of jewelry.

"We would ask that people please use reputable contractors," O'Shea said. "Rockland County Consumer (Protection) is a great resource. WE would say verify with them if it is a reputable company."

PAL Luncheon Rescheduled

The Piermont PAL luncheon will now be held at noon Dec. 3 at Confetti. It was postponed due to the storm and has been moved from Harbour House, which is closed due to heavy flooding. 

Bob November 18, 2012 at 03:20 PM
No estimate to when the pier will re-open???


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