Piermont PD Offer Safe Shopping Tips

Putting bags in the trunk rather than in the car is just one way to protect yourself while holiday shopping.

Piermont Police shared suggestions for residents to help keep them safe while holiday shopping. 

High on the list is not leaving shopping bags in the car where they are visible.

"When folks do their holiday shopping, do not leave bags in plain view," Piermont Police Chief Michael O'Shea said. "Do not leave them in the car. Secure them in the trunk and there is less chance of a problem.

"If they see six bags, it could be a problem. If they are locked in the trunk, nobody knows they are there. Who is going to break open the trunk? Make it harder for them."

A potential thief is more likely to try to open a door or smash in a window if they can see valuable items in the car, so removing things like a GPS can also be a good idea.

"Ninety perent of car larcenies are through open doors," O'Shea said. "Please lock  your doors and remove your valuables. Take your GPS out."

Another key is to be aware of the environment when carrying your items from the store.

"If you feel like you are being followed, go back to the store and get store security," O'Shea said. "Store security will walk folks to their cars. Just pay attention."

He also asked that residents be sure to lock their homes when they go shopping or anywhere else. For those going away for the holidays, they can call the Piermont Police and file a closed home report. Police will check on the home periodically and they will have a contact number if something does happen. 


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