Old Artillery, Rockets Found in Piermont

WWII keepsakes recovered from late residents' garage

A woman cleaning out her parents' garage in Piermont stumbled upon three 60-year-old explosives last Monday, police said.

The garage on Paradise Avenue belonged to a World War II veteran and his wife, both of whom recently passed away. Their daughter was sorting through items when she uncovered one artillery round and two rocket-propelled grenade rounds.

The RPG rounds were located in the garage; the artillery round was in the garden outside.

"She did just as we ask," said Michael O'Shea, Piermont's police chief. "Don't touch it—let the police department evaluate it and remove it."

Due to Piermont's close proximity to the now-defunct Camp Shanks military installation in Orangeburg, and Piermont Pier's use as a shipping-off point for WWII recruits, residents finding 1940s-era bombs is not unheard of.

"It's not a normal occurrence, but it does happen sometimes," said to Piermont police office Patrick Gaynor, who responded to the initial call. Gaynor has military and combat experience.

"Some veterans brought these back as keepsakes," Gaynor explained. "Some of these are training rounds. A lot of the rounds are still live."

The three recovered Monday, however, were not live.

Last summer, a Piermont resident uncovered a similar explosive but did not follow police protocols, instead digging up the round with a pick-axe.

The Rockland County bomb squad came to headquarters Thursday morning to dispose of the explosives.

Dawn Stanko August 02, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Around 1980 I found a mortar round by the dump area down by the Piermont Ballfield when I was a kid. Not thinking, I picked it up and carried it to the Police station. I believe I gave it to Tom Gaynor. Not sure what happened to it after that but after 10 years of serving my country, I know not to mess with those things now! :-)
Kevin Zawacki August 02, 2012 at 08:03 PM
What a story -- no doubt anyone who saw you that day had their heart skip a beat! & thank you for your service.
Julita August 05, 2012 at 03:56 PM
I might sound silly with this questions, but artifacts such as these, aren't they worth anything? I mean, they are part of American History, shouldn't they be worth something? Officials just throw them away or do they say that they do but end up in a museum or something?
John Taggart August 05, 2012 at 05:30 PM
yea, maybe not worth much cash, but I think I would have taken them to west point for their museum


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