Update: Man Charged in String of Arsons

Court documents: Suspect sought to profit from at least one house fire.

The man police arrested over the weekend for a series of arsons may have sought to profit from the alleged crimes, according to court records.

Kenny Carlton Boone, 55, ran a construction business that performed repairs on one home burned by an arsonist in 2010. Police have charged Boone with that fire, as well as another in Hollywood, S.C., and for consipring to set a third.

Authorities have suggested Boone is responsible for at least some of the dozens of fires set across downtown Charleston over the last decade, though it's not clear how many they believe were set by Boone.

Though a task force has been looking for a suspect since 2011, authorities said their probe into the fires is still fresh, and that yet more suspects could be named.

"Now is the time to determine whether you wish to cooperate and benefit from that cooperation, or remain silent and be exposed to the full range of charges that will be sought against anyone involved in these fires," said Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen.

Authorities had been following Kenny Carlton Boone, 57, for nearly two months when they arrested him this weekend as he was heading to Hollywood, S.C., to set another home on fire, according to Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen.

Boone faces three counts of third-degree arson and one count of conspiring to commit arson. He is being held in the Charleston County jail on $225,000 in bail.

Since 2002, a small area of downtown has been plagued by more than 83 suspicious fires, according to news archives.

Boone, a Glenwood Ave. resident, lives within the half-mile area targeted by the alleged arsonist, but police say the investigation is not over; there may be other suspects.

The suspect was attempting to get help setting the Hollywood fire in October when a tipster contacted police, authorities said.

The arson dragnet reached a fever pitch in December 2011 after a series of fires. Charleston Mayor Joe Riley offered a cash reward that eventually doubled to $50,000.

The fires did widespread damage to historic homes across a small section of downtown. The suspect targeted entrances and exits to homes and often set afire discarded furniture and trash left on porches.

Greymom November 26, 2012 at 11:37 PM
did he have some vandetta against trash on porches ?


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