Gedney Street Building Partially Evacuated Because of Oven Fire

Nyack resident taken to hospital for treatment of breathing problem.

Smoke from an oven fire on the fifth floor of a Gedney Street apartment building forced the evacuation of several floors and led to a 70-year-old woman being taken to the hospital for treatment for breathing problems Monday evening, according to Nyack volunteer firefighters.

The incident apparently was the result of a resident of Rivercrest, 103 Gedney St., deciding to use the automatic cleaning function on her oven. Nyack Fire Department Battalion Chief Vincent Reid said the resident left pots and pans in the oven, leading to the problem.

The smoke condition created by the oven led to the evacuation of the third, fourth and fifth floors at Rivercrest at about 5:50 p.m. Reid said that when volunteer firefighters reached the fifth floor of the waterfront complex they discovered smoke in the hall, which got thicker as they got closer to the apartment involved.

The building's superintendent was with firefighters, giving them quick access to the affected apartment, Reid said. Although the oven caused smoke, Reid said there was no significant damage as a result of the incident.

The resident of the affected apartment, however, complained of problems related to an existing breathing problem. She was on the first floor when firefighters arrived.

Reid said the woman was assisted by members of Rockland Paramedics and Nyack Community Ambulance Corps, and she was taken to Nyack Hospital for treatment.

An Orange and Rockland Utilities technician was called to check the apartment and its gas service.


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