Daughter-in-Law Charged in Woman's Stabbing Death

The alleged conspirators in the January death of Peggy Nadell are from Florida, California and Washington, DC.

Her daughter-in-law did it—that's what police said today about the murder of Peggy Nadell at her home on Andover Road in Valley Cottage, announcing charges against Diane Nadell and three co-conspirators.

Nadell was found dead the morning of Jan. 25 by her daughter, Susanne Scaccio. She had been stabbed. 

Clarkstown police said at the time they were working from "a strong possibility" that Nadell knew her killer. 

Now Diana Nadell, mother of two, is accused of conspiring to kill her mother-in-law with three women half her age. The plot spanned the country, as Diana Nadell lives in Florida and her alleged co-conspirators are residents of Washington, D.C. and California.

Peggy Nadell was a longtime member of the Rockland County Democratic Committee. Born on October 11, 1933 in Brooklyn to Libby and Samuel Wekselblatt, she married Robert Nadell who died in 2003. Nadell is survived by her son James and daughter-in-law Diana Nadell, daughter Susanne and son-in-law Robert Scaccio; and grandchildren Leah and Harris Nadell.

The investigation generated much interest and controversy in Rockland County, including a clash between Clarkstown Police Chief Michael Sullivan and Clarkstown Town Justice Howard Gerber.  

Here's the police department's May 21 statement:

The Clarkstown Police Department arrested 4 individuals in connection with the January 25, 2014 homicide of Peggy Nadell, 80, of Valley Cottage.

The following individuals were arrested based on a 4-month investigation that spanned multiple states and included numerous Law Enforcement Agencies. 

  • Diana Nadell - Age 50 - of Cutler Bay, Florida. Diana is the daughter-in-law of the victim Peggy Nadell. Diana Nadell is charged with Murder in the second degree, and Conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree.
  • Andrea Benson – Age 25 – of Washington D.C. Andrea Benson is charged with Murder in the second degree, and Conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree.
  • Tanisha Joyner – Age 26 – of Washington D.C. Tanisha Joyner is charged with Conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree.
  • Elita Grant – Age 24 – of East Long Beach, California. Elita Grant is charged with Conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree.

The 4 arrestees are presently in custody and awaiting extradition to New York.

The following Law Enforcement Agencies have greatly assisted the men and women of the Clarkstown Police Department Detective Bureau in this extensive investigation:

• Rockland County District Attorney Office 
• United States Marshal Service
• Federal Bureau of Investigation
• Westchester County Intelligence Unit
• Homestead, Florida Police Department 
• Washington, D.C. Metro Police Department
• Prince George County, Maryland Police Department
• Long Beach, California Police Department
• Seal Beach, California Police Department. 

The investigation into this senseless crime is still ongoing and any new information or developments will be released when appropriate.
Susanne Nadell-Scaccio June 03, 2014 at 12:04 AM
Hey Curious Cathy....still waiting for your bell ringing response. You sure got quiet all of a sudden!!!
Curious Cathy June 03, 2014 at 07:55 AM
Just saw everybody's notes; was not ignoring anyone. I am sorry you lost you lost your mother. I think alot of people felt compelled to get to the bottom of this because your mother was so well liked and respected. The story presented itself, with evidence tampering and strange behavior and all, and then silence ensued. The police have not cleared anyone as of yet and imply that there will be more arrests. Who is Buster? He sounds crazier than me. May your mother rest in peace.
Buster June 03, 2014 at 10:41 AM
Suzie, I think it's time to not take Curious Cathy seriously and ignore her. She obviously has issues.
Buster June 03, 2014 at 11:35 AM
Curious Cathy obviously still tries to pass off blame instead of admitting she has no sense of evidence or investigation procedure and her open calls to handcuff and arrest Suzie were based on ignorance rather than any sound reasoning. Like all uncredible characters she refuses to take responsibility for her wrongdoing and continues to try and justify it. Even adding to her offense with more stupidity and insults. I don't think she realizes the fatuousness of doing that while offering a non-apology. Cathy is the kind of person that even when proven wrong still continues her accusations like she does above. Talk about just not getting it.
Thomas June 03, 2014 at 06:37 PM
Susanne I am sorry about your mom and am glad they caught the culprits. This is a great example of people who know nothing about a story and jumping in and pointing fingers. I am glad you came here and called them out. Cathy should apologize but don't hold your breath people like her are always right even if its in their own heads. I really hope this gives your family some peace so you can mourn your mom in whatever way that works for you.


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