Vacant Spaces: What Should GM Site Be?

The empty GM property is a sore spot for many who want development here, or something else entirely. Join the debate here.

Castle Oil is no more. Ichabod’s Landing will get their bulkhead problem investigated. And the big cranes have completed the dredging operation on the riverfront of GM. 

The cranes "are demobilizing and should be completely gone soon," reports Village Administrator Anthony Giaccio.

But what about the GM lot itself?

As far as the proposed development there () many residents will believe it when they see it.

Sleepy Hollow was anxiously awaiting an announcement on a winning bid received by GM, but that's on been on hold pending the lawsuit with Tarrytown. County Supreme Court dropped the case, but Tarrytown has six months from September to appeal, "but there is a chance that the Court can extend this date," said Giaccio.

This is the Vacant Space of all vacant spaces we have here in the villages and sky's the limit as far as possibilities (although the realities of course may be much different).

If you could dream up anything you want at the GM site, what would it be?

Patch once joked on April Fool’s Day – scaring a few neighbors with our editorial prank – that an amusement park was coming to the site.

One citizen shared his, more serious, idea of banking on Sleepy Hollow’s growing tourism and not on overcrowding this “landlocked parel.”

You can read Charles Zekus’ blog post here.

More ideas from readers:

Craig Allan: What a shame the Sleepy Hollow River Port idea was not further investigated. Imagine how fantastic our own version of Mystic Seaport could have been. How much revenue it would have earned and how many long terms jobs it would have provided in the community. Just look at how successful Historic Hudson’s Pirates on Hudson was last year and the revenue earned through tourism from Mystic Seaport.

John Anderson: Many years ago, I wrote into the Tarry News mentioning a indoor water park with an Ichabod / Hudson River theme. The fun would start from the City piers, where every 2 hours, people would board a "pirate ship", a train station could also be bulit (both to elleviate vehicle traffic), an education center could teach kids about the making of the Hudson River, original settlers and American Indians. A roller coaster going 1/4 mile out into the hudson (underwater) and back. This would create jobs, bring some money into the villages, but maybe some traffic, or maybe not if given a discount for tickets purachsed online including a train or ship ride. Okay, ready for the critics...

Would you vote for ferry landing? More parks? Water park? Stick with the development as planned? Share here.

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Wade Schultz January 26, 2013 at 11:32 PM
Also, restoration of the Pocantico River's original course.
Debbie Allen February 15, 2013 at 06:59 AM
Drive in movie theater for the nights, then weekend days include a huge outdoor flea market. Winters -an indoor flea market & swap shop Fri, Sat & Sun.
Debbie Allen February 15, 2013 at 07:27 AM
Walmart , would destroy the area, it's a parasite company, beside there is a Sam's club 5 miles away and a Costco in Yonkers. Besides Walmart should be on the consumers DO NOT support with our dollar list anyway, where ever they are. Condo's are only nice for those who live in them, for everyone else, not so nice
Chuck Zekus February 17, 2013 at 10:20 PM
If you speak to the Village, their response is that the deal is done for the 1180 rental units, movie theatre and hotel. But I do not for see it anytime soon
Jim Bilodeau October 01, 2013 at 11:16 AM
This might be crazy, but I'm dreaming of a mix of shopping and activities. Specifically, 'action sports.' I'm imagining an indoor and outdoor skate park, big rock climbing gym, indoor surfing, and an indoor skydiving wind tunnel. The NYC area is desperately in need of a vertical tunnel as skydivers in the area have to drive to New Hampshire to train in the winter. It would become a national destination for indoor and outdoor action sport training and bring a lot of tourism and tax dollars to Tarrytown... perhaps a bit of youth, excitement and adventure to Westchester, and of course, all my friends and I would be pysched to have a wind tunnel so close to home :)


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